Orbs ARE energy. We do not know much else about them, but they DO exist.

Our camera lens were all spotless.

The orbs were captured by different cameras, and yet not by ALL the cameras we had working.

The pictures are NOT dust.

My computer screen might not be spotless, but I know you will see these on YOUR screen. If you can't, stand up.

After we spotted the first orbs on the camera review, I was thrilled.  Estatic. I have waited YEARS to capture an orb. Panasonic #336. I could barely sleep.

The next day, on the computer, I was disappointed to see no additional orbs. David, standing next to me in my chair at the desk, looked at me like I had lost my mind, and said, "Stand up."  I was in for the surprise of my life as we stared at the Sony picture #1.  DL, Jay and I were walking  the field behind the Wolfe Manor, surrounded by at least 74 orbs. Yup, I counted the obvious ones.

We reviewed all the pictures again, standing up, and found twenty pictures with orbs, from one single orb to at the seventy four in that one picture.  Most of the pictures were taken in sequence, several burst shots of one object. One picture would have nothing, the next would have an orb.

We have done our utmost to prove and document, beyond a shadow of a doubt, orbs exist, and will continue for more and better pictures.

But, what are orbs?