boomer /böömèr/- n. A person born in the Boomer generation, ie: generally between 1945 and 1965.

Boomers are, well, boomers. We are a generation born after WWII (that's World War Two for you younger folks) when the population exploded. We can guess as to why, but suffice it to say, our generation was the largest growth since the Middle Ages. No, that's a reference to our age, that's, well, forget it.

Boomers are bikers, hippies, nerds, straights, gays, and everything inbetweenst. The hippies changed the world (maybe not for the better) by questioning authority and seeking our 'own thing." The nerds sat back and wisely (?) ruled the world anyway. The bikers went along for the ride, but out in front. All in all, the world was changed in one generation. Forever.

Some Boomers went to Viet Nam. Some Boomers didn't come back. Then we all got married (or didn't) and had families and got old. But, we are still here. We are the next generation to rock our chairs on our verandas and smile wisely, knowing what the current generation doesn't.

Then came the Aol Baby Boomer Chat Room where we found each other, half way across the world, because of a technology that allowed the best friendships ever to to be found.

I can only attest to the room's existance since 1995, or was it 1996?  The room has been, is and can be the best place in the world. Boomers is simply the best room in the house. Sure there are fights and disagreements, but what family doesn't have them? The room was there for us when we had a personal crisis, needed friends or just silly time. There have been some incredible memories from that room. While all of us don't frequent the room like we did, most of us still peek in and say hello from time to time. Many "Sissy groups" have formed from those years, friendships that will last the rest of our days.

Parties formed all over the US,  from right coast to left coast, continuing to this day. The albums have a collection of some of the best parties in the world. Alas, we are lacking the picture of Away being taken away. We have lost beloved boomers, and found new ones. May we continue, for years, to gather, love each other, build new memories, spread positive attitudes, knowledge and vibes through out the land till the last boomer breathes their last.

These pages are dedicated to the wonderful people I have met online, people I will keep in touch with the rest of my life.

BUT, (there's ALWAYS a 'BUT')...........the minute I am gone some one BETTER take over this job.

If you have a special memory, send it in, I will post it HERE.

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