Sit back with a cup of coffee and click to see our pix
(Names have been changed to protect the innocent)

The reason so many pictures are broken is a long story, summarized by MIA Boomers from AOL.
This was set up 'back in the day' when you would place your picture on your own AOL space, days long gone. Sad.
Most of the names below are still broken but have been left for remembrance sake.

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Bare BeGreen Biker in the Den Boom There
CH ChezMarJon Cinny Corley Chevy

Femmefiend Fluddermill Frogie Arno
Gentry Go Buck Grany Gypsy
H²O HFritz Htl Sale

I Write 4 Fun

Jamie Joby Gosh
KP Promo
Lady Anne LauraJeans Logger
Luci Luvs4x4




Nasty Sax
Puss Kitt Red Head Texan Ray Par 3 Robert H
Sarah Scmjo Sheba Sheltie Sissy
Smitty Girl Snakster Stella SuzEQ3 Suz180
Tillie Tink24 Tin Man
Vanity Witt Yesh

Want to have your picture here?  Click here -->  Boomer Picture Instructions

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