Ronold Woodbeck, otherwise known as Biker's Den, left us today, September 7, 2015. He left suddenly from an aneurysm, a small blessing in an otherwise tragic event. Our prayers are with his wife, Dianna.

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Donna and I met Ron almost 18 years ago in the Baby Boomer room as most of you all did. I always have said that all of us being in Baby Boomers at that time was a happening. Ron was a big part of that happening. Donna and I both recall talking with Ron and having many laughs as well as difficult times.

We finally met Ron and Diana. How fortunate we were to enjoy getting to know them both and realizing how special and what good people they were. Having them at our wedding was the best! We are so happy that Ron and Diana got to see, meet and enjoy everyone.

Those were unique days that we all spent in Baby Boomers. Getting to know one another and realizing that even though we were all many miles apart, we were brought together by a higher power. We all just didn't happen to meet, it was suppose to be this way. Again, Ron was a big part of who we were, have become and will be. He had a great impact on all of our lives. We are all a little better for having known Ron. Rest well my friend.

Barry P. and Donna M. Lombardo

Biker was one of the first guys I met in the Boomer Room, years ago, such a welcoming, pleasant man! So long ago, I am not sure of the year. 1996? Biker was a staple in the room, a reliable, sensible, trustworthy friend. After all those years my husband and I finally got to meet Biker at Tink and Barry's wedding, along with his wife, Dianna. It was hard to hear the news that Ron had left us, a few moments of stunned silence before I could go on with my thoughts. Such a huge loss. I hope he knows how beloved he was! There aren't many guys as honest and wonderful as Ron.