APRIL 2002

Sassy, Stormy,  CLeifker, Nails, Ronda, Ruben, Ruth (back), H2O, Ed (waving) Sonya (back), Lori, Marnee, Ben

Water, Nikker and RdHead

Ed, JudyHkk, CLeifker, Nikker

Mr. Stormy (standing), Stormy, Ben, Lori (leaning in) Sonya, Friends of Waters.. Ronda in peach to the front

Left to right.. backs to us... Marnee, Ed, Sassy, Mr. Sassy, Friends of Stormy

Left to right..facing..Christine, Judy, Dewey, Dean, JobyGosh, Stormy, Mr.Stormy

Lori, Sonya, Ronda

Sonya, Mr. Sassy, MsSassy, Stormy, CLeifker

WBKWoody, Ruben, Ben ( BLomba's son)

Rickc, his lady friend, Venus and Laneita

Front kneeling...Elvs, Dee, Sassy

2nd row...LaNeita, Judy, Joby, Ed, Ben, Marnee, Sonya, Julia, Ronda, CLeifker, Nickker

Back... Dewey, H20, Woody, Stormy, RuthRanch, Lori, Ruben, ImYours, Rosco

Sonya, Ronda, Lori.... behind them ElvsCountry

Water and RdHead sitting on...uh...Nick's chair

WLDewey and the infamous bikini shot

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