Ne'er will the Gatlinburg Tennessee's Smokie Mountains forget the Boomers,
the screams of delight, the laughter, the love and the tears that drifted through the trees and into the wind.

(nor will the neighbors or the ambulance drivers)

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These pics are a bit messed up, looking for large, orig versions of them and will fix asap

SPECIAL thanks to the organizers, Dreem, Witt, Thena, Sunset and many more for the most wonderful memories


(Please help complete this list)

Al, Aliran, Anne, Ariel, Athena, Artist, Away, Axman, Blomba, Blondee, Barry, Buck, Buggs, Call Me, Cannon, Carrot, CBarton, Cindy, Corley,  Crow, Dallas, Davey, DCaraba, Di, Doggie, Dream, Elsie, Etchesketch, Faye, Geez, Grannie, Grizz, Gypsy,  Hey Jude, Innkeeper, Jamie, JobyGosh, JohnBoy, JPrie, KP, Laneita, LuvlyLade, Luvs, LynG, Madorah, Mirish, MKpeeps, Okay, Overworked, Ptero, Pusskitt, RayPar, RedHead, RstlrsDad, RtGuy, Sheba, Shir Dog, Showie,  Sissy,  Skieluv, Sonya, Sprin, Stlla, Sunset, SuzeQ, Stormy, TexAnne, Tillie, Vet, Water, Wayward, Wazzabug, Witt, WTink

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