Precious few of the large pictures survived, they are here

Ptero, Water, SamGG

The Group

Water & Carrot

Sun watering JohnBoy

Sexe, Laneita & Al
doing something
terrible to Catchup

Carrot, Sam GG,
Sunset, Water,
Al Webster & Geez


Sunset & Geez

Sam & Sunset

Sexe & girls

Sam, Laneita, Ptero




Ptero & Carrot


Ptero, Anne, Sunser, Catchup, Don Juan

Ptero, Catchup, Sunset, Anne, Don Juan

Incredible thanks to Catchup for the photographs,
except that if you still have the negattives, could you send me the one of Carrot dancing on the picnic table?
The neighborhood wants to see that again.

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