1954 - January 15, 2000

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Member Name: Pat
Location: Newport News, Va.
Birthdate: 1954
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Forever
Hobbies: Working with kids
Computers: MOO
Occupation: Defender of Boomerettes!!
Personal Quote: Don't take life too seriously, it's not permanent!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dear Friends:

I'm sorry to be passing along some more bad new. We have lost another of our loving boomer family. Pat (Rstlrsdad). I was going to call him at the hospital on Saturday but for some reason I didn't, I wish I had called on Friday like I wanted to but thought it was to late. This man was such a wonderful man. He loved unconditionally. He was someone who could make me laugh & cry. Someone I could lean on when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I am crying now with having to tell you all that we have lost him.  Pat was someone who used to come in the room all the time. As of lately he was very active on the boomer boards. He will be missed in both places, but he will always be in my heart, and yours too I hope.  I got to meet this wonderful man in Gatlinburg and again in San Antonio. I am so glad to have met him, my life is better for it. He was always there with a smile, joke and a hug.

Below is an address where you can send Karen, (Okwifme) his wife a card. She knows how much we loved him and this will show her even more.

For those of you who would like, I have attached a picture of Pat taken in San Antonio. This I wanted to share with you all to show you the man you missed meeting if you had not gotten that chance and those of you who did get to meet him in person, a picture to remind you of this very special person.

Remember life is unpredictable, tell the ones you love that you love them, let them know so you never have to say "I wish I have told him/her when I had the chance. I love you all my dear family........and yes we are a family.  Pat may you rest in peace I will truly miss you my dear friend.  

Away (Linda)


My dear friends....and friends of Pat (Rstlrsdad),

I hate this more than anything....but I need to tell you that our dear, sweet, loving, thoughtful, funny and adorable Pat died this morning from complications from his recent surgery. The last few days had been quite a struggle for him, but he was confident....or at least he pretended to be confident that he was well on the way to recovering. That is the way Pat was.....he was always so reassuring. At this point, I can't say anything more....I miss him already. .

Cindy Fzb


Pat's Obituary

Patrick A. Chall  (NEWPORT NEWS)
Patrick A. Chall, 45, unexpectedly passed on Saturday, Jan. 15, 2000. He is loved by his family, friends and community.

He is survived by his loving wife, Karen (Kelly) and two sons, Richard and Joseph, all of Newport News. He was the son of Len and Betty of Detroit; and brother to Michael and Patrice of Detroit, and Timothy and his wife, Josie, of Andrews Air Force Base, Md. He was a 16-year veteran of the U.S. Navy and a well-respected member of the local high school and youth wrestling clubs. He will be loved and missed by everyone. Arrangements are incomplete, contact Umphlett Funeral Home, Jefferson Avenue, Newport News.


Another of our gentle giants is gone, and our hearts are heavy with the loss. Pat was such a kind and sensitive person, there is no one in real life or in boomerland that could not help but love him. The hugs in San Antonio were the honest, heartfelt hugs of a man that truly loved his " boomerettes", and he would protect us from the most evil villain.

During our Saturday night party, Pat and I were dancing, and as we hugged and laughed, he told me how special this group of people were to him, and how much he cared. His dear wife had come to San Antonio, but had met another group of online friends. Our party was more fun, so she changed her plans, and met all of us. The pictures from that party will remain in my heart, and in my Boomer Album, forever. Angel1SA is there, and so is our dear Pat. The loss of two special people in less than a year - may we be reminded that there is NOT always a tomorrow. Tell someone you love TODAY how special they are, and never pass up an opportunity to hug a fellow boomer. They, too, may leave us before their time. The road to a friends house is never long, and when we have our boomer gatherings, we will remember our fallen friends fondly; with laughter, tears, and happiness in their memory. Party on, my Boomers ... Pat would approve. : )

Hugs.... that Redhd from Texas


I first met Pat and Karen back in 1980. I lived on the same street and believe it or not, I was their "Avon Lady!" We moved and they moved last summer. Elsie said she was visiting friends in Newport News and she would call me when she got there so we could meet. Well, she called, gave me directions, and believe it or not, it was at Pat and Karen's house, the Challs, who were her friends. We all feel is that a small world or what?

I saw Pat again in Gatlinburg and kept telling him "I'm watching you,." Lol.... He helped get our emergency brake off when we got stuck on Wiley. Oakley, Madorah and me. There was Pat to lend a helping hand. He was one of the sweetest guys I have met.  He will be greatly missed.  I will be aT the wake and the services and will say special prayers from all the boomers.  He was so excited that there was gonna be a boomer reunion right here in Newport News in July. Pat, you will be missed.

Sonya (Pat)


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