San Antonio, February 1999

Ringworm71 (Daryl), BucknChute (George) and Wildewey (Bill) (\O/)
Red Head Texan (Julia) and Fluddermill (Cindy)

Da Group

Wild, Artist, Hemis4Ever, Roski, Dean, Raypar, Exy, JJ, and Pat (Rstlerdad) in front

Back: Hemis4ever, unknown, Away, Stormy, CindyFZB, Jobygosh, Redhd, Hawrysio, Exy
Front: Call, Skie, Water, JJ and Jamie

Clockwise from left:
Barry's son Ben, Dean and Joby, Artist Kidd, Hawrysio, Dreem, WTink and Jamie

Jamie, Dreem, Corley, Artist, Hawrysio, Dean, Joby, Raypar, Away and Exy

Clockwise: Stormy's friend, Hawrysio, Mrs.Skie, Skie, Geez and unknown

Stormy, FigNewt, Dreem, Red, WTink, Cooper, Jamie


Water and Nails

Dancin'....... (Cindy & Joby in center)

Party scenery  :-)

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