Stephen James Kierych
Oct 27, 1948 - July 03, 2010

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Who would have thought we were going to make it to 2000, much less 2010? I would love to know what Stephen thought, but it's too late to ask him, in this life. Skie was adored by all, for his wit, kindness, gentleness, love of life and his fragility. I can't think of anyone who was not touched by this man for all the years we knew him, in and outside of the Baby Boomer Room.
I remember "wandering" into the Baby Boomer chat room around 16 years ago where I came to know Skie. Even though I did not have the opportunity to meet Stephen in person, his sense of humor, jokes and wonderful disposition made me feel as if we were best friends from childhood. I feel the same way about all my boomer friends.

It saddens me to have lost such a wonderful, caring person that knew how to put smiles on everyone's faces. It comforts me to know that one day we will meet in " boomer heaven". Until then, RIP my friend.

My deepest sympathy and condolences to Stephen's wife Patty and family members.

Yvette / FunnyBunny87259

Never did Skie ever fail to cheer up the room with is wisecracks, sounds and hilarious humour. He will missed beyond compare.


I didn't know Skie as well as the other boomers but I always wished I could have met him. I always loved when I saw that he was in the boomer room. He was always funny with his fart jokes. He loved to joke around but in never at someone else's expense. I also remember how he would joke about wanting a cigarette even when he had cancer. Im sure he is in heaven now, teasing the angels.

dydrmlinda - Linda Ruth Poindexter

Skie was always so upbeat and funny. His wife Patty was his true love. I was honored to meet them both.

Stormy - Darlene Oden

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