Vegas Boomer Party April 2008

No no... this is not the nude photo and Steve hasn't modeled the pink thong yet ! John and Debbie (Rosco54 and ImYours) graciously picked up da Dawg and the lovery Marsha and a worn out redhead from Texas, so we got to do the first screeeeamin' hug right there at the airport. Marsha is as beautiful as ever, and Steve is .... well... STEVE !

After all of wondering if we would even have a flight once we got to the airport, whether there were storm delays, and long turned out to be a relatively uneventful flight for everyone. Once we got to the hotel, we found Ullery and the Mr. waiting with nametags and instructions. Our planned dinner at Boomers didn't happen since it has been closed to make a poker room (imagine that.. Las Vegas putting in more gambling area). Those of us who had been flying all day were starving. .but we managed to find something to do (pictures of that in the next newsletter.. and ladies.. get a fan before viewing LOL

We eventually all found each other and got sent to the corner in the restaurant so we could be loud and rowdy without disturbing others too much. An exciting event happened during the dinner... photos and more information to follow in newsletter No. 2 once I download the photos.

And you thought there was nudity in this one... ahemm... well almost... When I got to the hotel, SuzEq had already checked in, so when I got to the room, I heard the shower running. Being the nice person I am... I knocked on the door and yelled at her that I was here. She was almost done, and would be out in a minute, she said. Perfect ! It only took at minute for me to get the camera.. and ... ta da.. our first nudity of the weekend. Do not scroll down if you can't take the heat. Say Hi to Suz... (yes she knows this is going out)     Wish you were here .. we are having a blast.

The streets of Vegas: John and Debbie, Marsha and Steve, Barry and Donna, Suz all make the rounds to see the nightlife.

The waitress may never recover, but the food was great !

Linda, Suz, and Donna planning the trip to Chippendales woooo hoooo

Kris (SugarNspace) made the trip just fine. Brave woman to have made it here. She is a delight!


Now for the HOT Flash... after dinner, Barry asked for the floor.. and after making a very sweet appreciation speech for the support given to them during difficult times, he then literally DID take the floor, as he got down on one knee and proposed to Donna. Cameras were flashing everywhere and Donna wasn't the only one with tears during this happy event. If ever a man deserved a YES.. this is the one. She said YES... thank goodness.... and sealed it with a kiss.

While the women were all admiring the ring and congratulating Barry and Donna, Dog and Fred solved the problems of the world.

Steve's note: Tell me we don't look like those two old geezers who sat in the balcony of the MUPPET SHOW.

SuzEq, TheoBear, WTink, FrgdWoman, Froggie

Julia, Suggarnspace, LaNeita, Ullery

Redhd, Suggarnspace, SuzEq

Witt and Doggie

Theobears and Mr. Theo (Eric)

Fred, Waitress, and Theobears (Ellyn)

Ullery (Helen) and Mr. Pete

FroggieArno (Joan) and WineOwitz (Bruce)

ImYours (Debbie) and Roscoe54 (John)

SuzEq and Laneita

Chippendale guys with Debbie (ImsYours) and Redhd (Julia)

SuzEq3 (Sue)

And the best photo of the party goes toWineOwitz!!

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