There are two huge white lion statues on either side of the gate to an estate just next to the Cats restaurant in Los Gatos. The gate is an exquisite, wrought iron handmade masterpiece (now replaced with a standard gate) that begs to be opened. A quiet shaded road leading off into the trees through a deep woods is all to be seen. Wonderful urban legends linger about that area, including white bats that attack your car late at night should you venture up to the dam to neck, and an albino ranch beyond the gates.

My spirit chasing partner, Pai, and I were there, late at night. The lion on the right has his eyes closed, the one of the left has his eyes open. We spent a great deal of time there, touching, feeling, inspecting. The letters RIP and some unknown characters are etched on the lions, between the front legs and the back haunches. We finally managed to make it back with a camera because I have always wanted to sculpt lions and these were perfect examples. One night, we came by again. The lions had changed places, they were the other way around!! The lion on the left had closed eyes. We were stunned. We compared notes, contemplated drugs we might have taken unwittingly (a joke), and made notes before we ran home to find the pictures taken previously. Sure enough, lion on the right had his eyes closed.

Explain that one. I never did. If you are ever in the area, you should stop and see them, quite spectacular. The lions are dated 1920.

2008 trip, Josh, Cathy, Kasey

1970 Picture Left Lion

1970 Picture Right Lion