We had a good one for Halloween, but maybe it was coincidence. Not.

I live with a widower who lost his beloved wife of twenty years to cancer. She started an extensive garden where we spend most of our time. Quite a legacy. He does not believe in any after life, end of subject. I have gently insisted Chris is still about a few times and let go of it. I have only picked up on her a few times in the last two years, but if you listen quietly and be aware, she is obvious.

On Halloween, we do a pretty big shindig in the front, crone outfits, real witch house atmosphere, etc. I have been doing this for many years, and the neighbors will pass by to watch the progress of my hand made spider webs as All Hollow's Eve approaches. I left that house during a divorce, and once settled in with David, I was looking forward to Halloween again. His porch was absolutely perfect place for a new haunting spot, so to speak. A woman passed the house while I was spinning my webs, happily exclaiming, "So this is where you are now!"

Halloween finally arrives, and I am outside in full hag makeup, handing out candy to terrified children. A woman approached us asking about our house, stood in front of me with David at my side, 'listening' for a time and finally asked who was the spirit in our house? Who was Chris? You could have bowled David over with a whisper.

There have been three times when something definite has occurred, in about five years of being in or around the house.

I was sitting in the room where she spent most of her dying years, looking at the window out to the yard. It's framing is a tad sloppy. I heard, as clear as day, her say something to the effect of "If you let me live, God, I will never complain about that window again." It was said in a fashion that made me feel that she had a new appreciation for all things in life, even the crookedly framed window that is quite askew. It was quite sad.

Last May, we were driving along on a curving, woodsy road in town that parallels a large creek, a great sunny Saturday, the girls in the back seat. We were hit head on by someone who wanted our lane more than we did and didn't give us time to get out of her way. She was going about 60, we were doing 35. Neither car made it, and by all rights, we should have been tipped over upside down into the full running creek. We did end up airborne, what an experience. I came out of that car swearing with an attitude I didn't know I could demonstrate. Immediately after we got the girls out of the car and trying to collect our thoughts enough to function, other things on my mind, right out of the blue I just 'got' it that Chris (whose car we were driving) was responsible for the fact we were not hurt, or dead. Loud and clear. Non-negotiable. A few hours later we returned finally home courtesy of the local PD. I was standing in the living room and contemplating life. I watched the small bottle of Chris' ashes pop off the living room library shelves as I stood right there. You couldn't ask for better confirmation.


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