My boyfriend was driving me to work. 1972 or so. Standard morning, nothing unusual. I had forgotten some paper work, asked him to go back home . He immediately got into the left turn lane to turn around, stopping at the red left turn light.

A car passed us on the right going extremely fast, right through the red light. An older light blue station wagon, rather beat up, the bare metal showing in a few places. The kind that makes you recall family trips to the beach, kids in the back facing the lowered rear window, the car stuffed to the brim with towels and sand toys. What was so startling was the passengers, four skeleton heads, and I presume the skeleton bodies. I could see their necks and shoulders, all bones. I turned to my boyfriend to see he had not only been looking at me, he had asked me a question I had not heard, and he was waiting for an answer. I asked him, "Did you see that????" He looked puzzled and said "What?"

The blue station wagon!
Yeah, what about it?
The driver, did you see the driver ? And the others in the car?
Yeah, what about them? I didn't know them.

I kept quiet. Mind is turning. I am doing a mental drug check list.

We returned to my house, I got my paperwork and back we went, same road, same light. My mind is still reeling. Over the over pass, another light.

Farther down the street, on the right about two blocks away was the station wagon. It had rammed into a pole which was now embedded in the engine compartment all the way past the dashboard. It was completely engulfed in flames. Four bodies moved slightly in the car, all afire. I threw up on the spot.