John was only about seven or eight when we lived with a ghost named Andy. Searching for answers regarding Andy I had met Helen who is one of the world's most wonderful people. It was her firm belief that more and more people were listening to the quiet side of their brains, making contact with each other so when the time came that the world was without telephones or computers, we could still keep in touch and survive as a group.

The women Helen had met in recent years had all dreamt of the same exact cave where we would meet, if the need ever arose. Very distinctive cave.

John woke one morning to tell me about his dream.

John's bedroom was flooding. I came in the room and we escaped via one of his bedroom windows. We went down a hole where Dad and Jena were already waiting for us.  In the hole was an underground world, and this cave. John described it at my request, and it was totally, perfectly identical to the one Helen told me about, not in his presence.

John has always claimed he doesn't experience anything like Jena or I do, but the one incident will always remain as vivid as can be.