I am terribly curious what others think about what determines if you are open to events (psychic, sensitive, whatever word you like), or not. Is this our choice? Do we have something a bit extra upstairs physically or just psychologically?

I am really confident that we can turn this off. Click. If I am doing way too much (in my head) and have a bundle of unfinished business or clutter, I don't get anything. I'm in my little tunnel world. Make space in my brain by clearing up and closing issues and I can become wide open. If I look for it to show up again, it won't. I have to just get on with my day until it finds me.

We are hanging around after dinner, tossing around philosophies, and move to the subject of ghosts and/or visitations. What IS the difference between those who see / get / know and those who don't?

I am currently trying on the theory that those who do not have firm beliefs are deemed to roam until a revelation happens, at which point, they can move on. I have a feeling this theory will be shot down by stories of visits by grandmothers who have strict religious backgrounds. Perhaps a visit, returning far after their departure, is different than lingering immediately after the passing?

There is no such thing as a coincidence. For the sake of the discussion, I will still call them coincidences, or coinkidinks. They come in two packages, soft and loud. A soft coincidence is when we run into each other at the grocery store. A loud coincidence is when you call me for the first time in a long time, not sure why, and I had been thinking of you for weeks, not sure why, and had been meaning to get around to calling you. Some things are just meant. There are no coincidences.

A friend and I used to play with exchanging apples. You 'think' an apple at the other person, no matter the distance. I discovered I am extremely good at getting his apples, but he has never received one of mine. This also worked no matter how many years it had been since we talked or how far away he moved. Heck of a good exercise, too. Jeff was present when I was told my father died. He did not know why he had to come over but he knew he had to be there. No coincidences.
I once heard a theory that all sounds ever made are still floating around the earth. After I got done laughing it made some sense, only I didn't limit the idea at sounds. Since I have heard about the string theory, it makes more sense. Maybe those who are open to them can 'catch' glimpses and pieces of them as they float into our space like whispers on their continual journey around the world.
Has anyone else ever felt this? You are about to do something, meet someone, answer a question, turn your head to the stranger who spoke to you, not necessarily a physical step, but it's the most accurate example. Your foot goes forward to step through a doorway and that moment becomes frozen in time. You know, beyond doubt, that if you step into the next room it will change your life. Somehow. If the thought occurs to you, "Whoa, do we want to do this?" you simultaneously realize it's too late, you are already too far into that step to turn back. Your foot goes down to touch the floor. I call it a threshold.
My family research was an eye-opener, it seems the Shiercliffe women would have been burned at the stake had they been in Salem at the right time. Inheritable?

The day my daughter, Jena, was born, my non-believing mother first held her and received almost a shock from Jena. My mom was so startled and said that something odd was going on, this is one special little girl. She has a job to do.

Jena has proved to be as strong or stronger than I am. Many stories about this little girl to be told. My son has shown nothing except the interest and curiousity as to why he doesn't seem to have anything along these lines except for one thing, his dream of the cave.

I am putting away dishes, and I haven't put away my favorite wine glass yet. My daughter calls me, I glance at the wine glass and at that glance I KNOW that if I don't get that put away, there is an elbow knocking it to the ground in it's future. I swear I will remember to put it away after I see what she wants. I didn't. My S.O. comes home and is in the kitchen, I am in the bedroom, I hear a crash, glass breaking, and a swear word. My glass. Duh.

I get these all the time, always have. I am paying beyond imagination for ignoring them. Sunday evening my beloved cat did something naughty and I scolded her, she ran out the dog door. That voice/getting said to call her back, I thought "I will in a minute." and didn't. Got distracted again. She was run over by a car that night. When will I learn to listen to these?

Myself, me and I are firm that an intense attraction or near obsession is something worth paying attention to. We were studying all the states in some early elementary class and for some weird reason, the state Mississippi was fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. When my husband-to-be suggested we move there, I was stunned. It wasn't a coincidence, you would have had to have felt it to understand maybe. A click. A big loud DUNK. Clearly a circle connecting. There are NO coincidences.
After the Four Corners trip, it seems appropriate to add a belief  I have developed over the years. My Oak Tree Theory.

Imagine an Oak tree, lovely old thick trunk extending out towards the sky with hundreds and hundreds of branches, all ending at thousands of twig ends. A total and extensive maze.

Life starts at the ground. As you tootle along your life path, choices come up and your decisions leads you down one path or another, up one branch or another. As you choose, one path is taken while the other path, and it's possibilities, now becomes completely void and null. The very ends of the branches are different ends to your life. Which choices you make, which paths you choose of all these pre-destined paths is the one you will experience, the end your life will have.

On one of my branches is my 'David.' On one of his branches is 'Anne'. IF he chooses the paths that lead to meeting me (and I could be on several branches on his tree) and IF I choose a path that leads to his name, we will meet.

If you receive information about something, if you 'get' this will happen, you CAN change it.

Based on my belief that we are given information for a reason, and based on the theory that speaking it out loud has the affect of changing the event, I have made a deal with my family.  From now on, if I get something negative, something that would be a bad thing, I tell someone. I would much rather look like an idiot or completely out of my mind than to have my cat run over, for if I speak of the event and it doesn't happen, we will never know for sure, will we?

Is this real?

Way back when we were cruising around in our parent's car, usually doing something we really shouldn't have (like smoking illegal tobacco) we would be keeping our eyes out for cops behind us at night. Our local cops used this particular car, you could recognize them most the time by the arrangements of the parking lights in respect to the headlights. A 'sighting' would always fall under one of these three categories:

That is NOT a cop
IS that a cop?
It IS a cop

Gettings are exactly the same. There are three ways I think about them.

That is NOT real, it is my imagination
IS that for real?
That IS for real.

Interesting thought. Now, if I am telling someone about a getting, I will tell them if it was a "That IS a cop" or if it was "IS that a cop?"

During our recent ghost hunting trip, I met Marie, who was horrifically frustrated as she had never experienced anything. She called herself a 'ghost virign' which was delightfully funny at the time.  That got me to thinking, as usual, about stuff. Great word, stuff. Why do some people see / hear / get while others have no concept? And others want to but never do? I also wonder what is the difference between those who can willfully harm/hurt/kill and those of us who would never sleep a moment's peace if we did. I wonder about a lot of things.

I have seen / heard / got my entire life.
My daughter did as well when she was little, has let go of most of it, but learning to listen again.
My ex-hubby thinks we were both left on the tilt-a-whirl too long.
My son thinks the same, but tries to be open minded. I think he is rolling his eyes behind my back.
David has been patient, supportive and open minded but you can still see "Skeptic" branded on his forehead. Until recently. That brand is starting to fade or maybe I need to cut his hair?

I THINK you are either born with the ability, or not. This would explain Marie, who is open minded, wants to experience, but has not, no matter how hard she tries.
If we are all born with the ability and it is our beliefs that determine whether we get it or not, that doesn't explain Marie and millions just like her.

In other words, (this is getting as clear as mud now):
* You are born with it, either no effort required or you have to develop it.
* You are not born with it.

Along with these factors, hand in hand, go your beliefs:
* You are born with it, you believe, and no effort is required (me)
* You are born with it, you believe, but it has to be developed (daughter)
* You are born with it, you  don't believe, and something changes your belief system, and it develops. (David)
* You are not born with it, you believe, and will not develop it (Marie and son, who is actually still pending)
* You are not born with it, you don't believe, and never will understand it. (Ex-hubby)

After a recent dinner we are hanging about, tossing around religion and life, Donnalee comes up with this explanation, and I love it.
There are two factors at work here, software and hardware.
You have the hardware, or you don't. All the software in the world won't change a thing.
Even with the hardware, you can spend your life not getting anything until you learn the software.

I ended up with the software and the hardware.
My daughter has the hardware, developing the software, again.
My son has the hardware, refuses to believe all this, so he won't load the software.
David has the hardware and is finally open to all this as being very real and is learning the software.

You are trying to find this person you met a long time ago, you search all web email records to no avail and finally give up. Then a posting you placed on the web gets answered. By this person. Why does this sort of thing continually surpise me?
Kerry's birthday is July 29. DL's birthday is July 30. Helenski's birthday is July 31. Three of my very closest friends. There are no coincidences.