We have Annas all year around, but have visitor Rufous and Black Chins

Little girl "Caliope" at greenhouse feeder

Little boy "Sideburns" at greenhouse feeder

"Jewel" -with her one side necklace

"Rufous 1", not be to confused with "Two" and "Three"

"Bandit" at the kitchen feeder

"Plain Jane", not to be confused with "Jane Doe"

Things I have learned about hummingbirds:

Their eggs are thin shelled. A whisper can roll them across a table
Anna fledglings don't always leave their nest at twenty one days
A hummer will fly less than fifteen inches in front of a cat to inspect it
They know fire means danger to others as well as themselves and WILL find and warn humans
A mother with fledglings still in the nest will start another nest.
A mother can bond with a son and permit him to remain with her during her next nest
They will come when called by name
A mother will use a nest over again
Hummingbirds mate in November
They will nest three feet from the ground and make three nests in one summer
They know me whether my hair is up or wrapped, glasses or not
A hummer that greets you each morning and follows you makes you humble and every day joyful
Our boys are skittish, our girls love our voices
A hummer's death is beyond description, it can truly break your heart and hurt forever
To be 'loved' by an creature of nature is a deep honour
I can get almost two paces after bringing fresh nectar and yelling "Breakfast" before I am surrounded in birds
Hummer wings, while flying, feel like fairy cotton balls
A hummer poke in your back is breath taking
Hummers are afraid, or cautious, of spiders
Hummingbirds can be brats

Hummingbird nest 2002

Hummingbird nest 2003

Hummingbird nest 2004

Hummingbirds 2005

Hummingbirds 2006

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