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ANCESTRY LINKS A very good start
Ancestry Tree Resource Start your own tree with help from Ancestry's hints
Cape Cod Cemetary Lists Large listing and pictures of gravestones
Calif Cemetery Links Many CA data bases
Calif State Vital Search Large database
Cyndi's List What is the expression, your one stop shopping? Start here for lists & links
Death Indexes Online searchable death indexes & records by state
Distant Cousin Search for surnames here
Domesday Book Online William's 1066 census
Family Genealogy Forum Genform's data base, surname search (Shurtleff and Stevens listed)
Family Search dot org LDS church database
Farber Collection Vast collection of east coast gravestones, 1600's to 1700's
Find A Grave From movie starts to relatives, and might be my demise
Gen Circles Search for family boards and info Surnames, war lists, passenger lists
Genealogy Guide UK Good starter info and great links
Genealogy Village A stunning list of resources
GeneaNet Great data base back to Swedish viking kings
Global Genealogy English Parish Records
Gravestone Symbolism Just that, by Grave Addiction
Hale Collection Connecticut Cemetery Records
Hingham Cemetery, Plymouth Entire listing in pdf format
Immigrant Listings of Immigrant Ships and more
Internment dot net Growing database of cemeteries, US, Canada, England and other countries
Jamie Allen's data base Another extensive data base
Massachusetts Genealogy Listings by counties and other good info
McBride's Genealogy Extensive pages including my family
Medieval English Families Great references
Medieval Source Book Great info to wander through
Middleborough Cemeteries Web page by Chip, Findagrave Volunteer Extraordinaire
Morman Church Records A most extensive data base, includes Mail Lists
Passenger Lists Online Long list of pages and ship lists online
Passenger Ship Arrivals Has many ship lists for many years and countries
The Peerage Extensive royal line with precise sources
Public Record Office (UK) Online info for some areas in England Excellent resources, good data base, great links!
Rootweb Sources John Gough's extensive list of Irish and UK links
Ships List Home Page Another collection of ship lists
UK Genealogy England, Scotland and Wales families
US US Gen Web Census Project
US Gen Web Growing database of cemeteries in the US
World Genealogy Records Extensive links to data bases
Ye Old Burial Grounds Plympton, Mass cemetery pictures, Paul Bumpus' pages
Online Books Worth Noting:
New England Families William Richard Cutter
Mass. Vital Records to 1850 American Ancestors Site
History of Middleboro By Google Books
Family Pages
Dan Shurtleff's Line My sixth cousin's family page
Loretta Ichord's Page
Shiercliffe Genealogy William Shiercliffe 1695 genealogy
Shurtleff Genealogy Online database of the 1912 publication Vol 1 and Vol 2
Shurtleff Genealogy Forum
Shurtleff Message Boards
Shurtleff Mailing List
Stevens Genealogy Family genealogy current day to beyond the mists of legend
Stevens Genealogy Forum
Stevens Message Boards
Stevens Mailing List
Stevens Zimmerman Pages
Whitley Hall The family home in England
Algis TimeLine Extensive information and timeline
Ancient Manuscripts Extensive web page references on many subjects
Ancient Royal Genealogy Includes a great ancient timeline of Britain under their Histories link
Ancient World Web Links for every subject in the world regarding history
Andi Library Great time line
Battle of Hastings Info, timelines, glossary, hours of surfing
Bible Maps High resolution maps of the Biblical era
Blunham's Books Hunter's Hallamshire and other old books
British History What I learned (and missed in high school)
British History Online Fascinating stuff, who was suing who, London court rolls from the 1200's
Castles in Wales Castles, obviously, in Wales
Castle List, England and Wales Good and thorough list of castles and information on them
The Crusades Catholic Encyclopedia
The Crusades The Crusades in a nutshell and by date
Egyptian Dynasties Timeline comparison of three scholars
History Bookshelf Religion, witch craft history
History Learning Site Good site for medieval England and others
Jewish Historical Maps Every map you need of the ancient world
Medieval Scandinavia The Vikings plus
Medieval Sourcebook Just about everything
Old English Pages A wealth of information and links
Online Medieval & Classical Library Lots of old texts and links
Pat Patterson's Pages Bigods, Rollo, FitzOsborne, Strongbow, De Bohun, De Vere, De Warrenne
Timeline 4 million years ago to 1600 AD
Timelines Good data base
Times and Places Extensive bibliography listings for every age in history


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