Het Wapen Van Noorwegen (Arms of Norway) sailed from the Texel about 12 May 1638, arrived New Amsterdam before 4 August 1638 [as per the account submitted by Cornelis Melyn against Kiliaen van Renselaer in New Netherland on 4 August 1638 for freight of horses and passage of 'sundry persons' on board this ship. CHM.3]

Adriaen Cornelisz from Barsingerhorn aka Adriaen Cornelisz Berghoorn [VRB]

Jan Dircksz from Amersfoort [VRB]

Claes Gijsbertsz [VRB]

Symon Jansz Henypot [VRB]

Michiel Jansz from Schrabbekercke with wife and 2 servants [VRB]

Willem Meynten [VRB]

Jan Michielsz from Edam, a tailor [VRB]

Rijck Rutgersz [VRB]

Abraham Stevensz aka Abraham Stevensz Jongen and Abraham Stevensz Croaet [VRB]

Teunis Dircksz van Vechten wife wife, 1 child and 2 servants [VRB]

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