Thames, Gravesend, England April 5, 1629 along with five other ships, Four Sisters, Lyon, the Lyon's Whelp, the Mayflower and the Talbot, arriving  in Salem June 1629.

Rev. Samuel Skelton 
Samuel Sharp  

“Now in this year 1629, a great company of people (The Higginson Fleet) of good rank, zeal, means
and quality have made a great stock, and with six good ships in the months of April and May, they
set sail from Thames for the Bay of the Massachusetts, otherwise called Charles River.
The fleet consisted of, the George Bonaventure of twenty pieces of ordnance; the Talbot nineteen;
the Lion’s Whelp eight; the Mayflower fourteen; the Four sisters fourteen and the Pilgrim four,
with 350 men women and children, also 115 head of cattle, as horses, mares, cows and oxen, 41 goats,
some conies (rabbits), with all provision for household and apparel, 6 pieces of great ordnance
for a fort, with muskets, pikes, corselets, drums, colors, and with all provisions necessary
for a plantation for the good of man.”
(The True Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captain John Smith – London 1630) From

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