Passengers on Ship Alice from London England to Virginia 1635  

Theis under-written are to be transported to Virginea, imbarqued in the Alice, Richard Orchard Mr. the men have taken and oath of Allegeance & Suprem."

Adams Rachelle  16
Askew Tho.  21
Atkinson Miles 22
Baxter Robt.  21
Bently Jo.  21
Bunch Eliza  20
Cooke Richd  21
Cooper Jo.  30
Deacon Avis  19
Dew Ann  9 mos
Dew Elizabeth  32
Gifford Hanna  20
Haggara Robert  33
Holdsmorth Jo.  34
Hudson Chris  30
Hughes Edward  21
Hutton Jo.  18
Jenkinson Fra.  28
Kendridd Willm  20
Massingbird Wm  23
Morfy James  21
Natt Richard  18
Peacock Charles  28
Rottrie Sophia  16
Sadgerner Rowland  21
Smith Jo.  20
Vaughn Rowland  19
Waggett Edward  20
Wilson Jo.  29
Wright Jo.  21

Alice sources:
Hotten P of Q page 109

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