The Ark and the Dove arrived at Point Comfort in 1634.

Two ships, the Ark and the Dove, financed by Caesilius Calvert, Second Lord Baltimore, took between 100 and 300 people, most of whom were Roman Catholics, to Maryland. Richard Lowe commanded the Ark, a 350 ton ship, and Captain Winter commanded the Dove, a 40 ton pinnace. They left Gravesend for Cowes, then to the Isle of Wight and St Clement's Island in Maryland, naming the island after the fourth Bishop of Rome. The journey took 123 days, from 25 March 1634 to 26 July 1634.

Alcome/Altham, John           Transported
Allen, Thomas                 Transported
Andrews, William              Transported
Ashmore/Ashmead, William      Transported
Baldridge, James, Gent        No Proof of Entry
Baldridge, Thomas, Gent       No Proof of Entry
Barefoot, James, Gent         Emigrated
Baxter, John, Esq.            Emigrated
Beane/Bayne, Ralph, Gent.     Transported
Beckwith, Thomas              Transported
Benham/Bennan, Anan           Transported
Bishop, Henry                 Transported (sometimes transcribed as Briscoe)
Bolles,Bowles, John, Gent     Emigrated
Bradley, Richard              Transported
Browne, William               Transported
Bryant, John                  Transported
Burrowes, Mathew              Transorted
Calvert, George, Esq.         Emigrated
Calvert, Leonard, Esq.        Emigrated
Carnell, Christopher          Transported
Charington, Thomas            Transported
Cole, Richard                 Transported
Cook, John                    Circumstantial evidence
Cooper, Thomas                Transported
Cornwalys, Thomas Esq.        Emigrated
Cox, Ann, Gentltewoman        Emigrated
Cranfield, Edward Esq.        Emigrated
Dorrell, Thomas Esq.          Emigrated
Draper, Peter Gent.           Transported
Duke, Richard Gent.           Transported
Edlowe/Edloe, Joseph          unknown
Edwards, Richard              unknown
Edwards, Robert               Transported
Edwin, William                Transported
Elbin, John                   Transported
Fairfax, Nicholas  Esq.       Emigrated
Fenwick, Cuthbert Esq.        Transported
Fitter, William Gent.         Transported
Fleete, Henry Gent.           unknown
Fremand, Lewis                Transported
Gerard, Richard Esq.          Emigrated
Gervase, Thomas Esq.          Emigrated
Gilbert, Richard              Transported
Gore, Stephen                 Transported
Greene, Thomas Esq.           Emigrated
Grigston, Thomas              Transported
Halfhead,John                 Transported
Hallowes, John Gent           Transported (sometimes listed as Hollis or Hallis)
Harvey, Nicholas Gent.        Transported
Hawley, Jerome Esq.           Emigrated
Heath, Thomas                 Transported
Hill, Capt. John Gent.        Emigrated
Hill, John                    Transported
Hillard, John                 Transported
Hills, Richard                Transported
Hockley, James                Transported
Hodges, Benjamin              Transported
Holderen, John                Transported
James, Henry                  Transported
Jennings, Mary                Transported
Knowles, John                 Transported
Lewis, William Gent.          Transported
Loe/Lee, Richard              Transported
Lustead, Richard              Transported
Marlborough, John             Transported
Martin, Christopher           Transported
Medcalfe, John Esq.           Emigrated
Middleton, Charles            Transported
Minnus, Thomas                Transported
Morgan, Roger                 Transported
John Nevill,                  Transported
Richard Nevitt,               Transported
Norton, John Jr.              Transported
Norton, John Sr.              Transported
Pike, Robert                  Transported
Price, John black             Transported
Price, John white             Transported
Lodovick Price,               Transported
Francis Rabnett,              Transported
John Robinson,                Transported
Francis Rogers,,Gent.         Transported
Saire, William Esq.           Emigrated
Sammion, Stephen              Tansported
Sanders, John Esq.            Emigrated
Sherbys/Sherley, Robert       Transported
Slathan, Thomas               Transported
Smith, Madam Ann Gentlewoman  Emigrated
Smith, Robert                 Unknown
Smith, Thomas Gent.           Transported
Smith, William                Emigrated
Smith, ????                   Transported
Smithson, Ann                 Transported
Sousa, Mathias mulatto        Transported
Sympson,  Robert              Transported
Thompson, Richard             Transported
Thompson, William Gent.       unknown
Thornton, James               Transported
Thorowgood, Cyprian Gent.     unknown
Tomkins,Tomson, John          unknown
Vaughan, Robert Gent.         unknown
Walter, Roger                 Transported
Ward, John                    Transported
Wells, John                   unknown
White, Andrew Gent.           emigrated
Wilkins, Evan                 Transported
Wintour, Edward Gent.         Emigrated
Wintour, Frederick Esq.       Emigrated
Wiseman, Robert Esq.          Emigrated
Josias  ????                  Transported
Sam ????                      Transported
Francisco, mulatto            Transported
James ????                    Transported

Boulter, John - Purser and steward of the Ark.
Curke, John - Helper on the Dove.
Games, John - On the Dove.
Kenton, Richard - Boatswain on the Dove.
Lawson, Samuel - Mate on the Dove.
Orchard, Richard - Master of the Dove.
Perrie, Nicholas - Helper on the Dove.
???? Warreloe, - Mate on the Dove.

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