The following entiries were obtained from my Hotten book 8a from the Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624/1625 chapters, pages 201 thru 265, which lists the muster captain, and what ship the individual arrived on.

Partin, Robert, 1609 voyage, aged 36 at muster at West & Sherley hundred,
two servants. Wife Margaret on the 1617 George
Pierce, Jone, wife of Capt William on the Seaventure. Probably Jane, his daughter, third wife of John Rolfe.
Smith, Joane, wife of Capt. Roger Smith on the 1620 Abigaile.

The Blessinge with 100 passengers traveled from England to Bermuda in March 1614.

The Hercules 1610 was also called the Hercules of Rye, accompanied the de laWarr (actual ship?) and the Blessinge of Plymouth. Edward Wright Haile, ed., Jamestown Narratives: Eyewitness Accounts of the Virginia Colony; The First Decade: 1607-1617, pp. 454ff.

The De La Warr, the Blessing of Plymouth and the Hercules of Rye left Cowes April 1, 1610, srriving at Cape Henry, VA June 6, 1610 per Coldham pg 3

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