The Concord of Dartmouth left Falmouth, England London, England with her Captain, Bartholomew Gosnold or Gilbert, and arrived in at Cape Cod (actual landing was called Cuttyhunk) on May 15, 1602. The voyage was sponsored by Henry Wriothesley, third earl of Southampton.


32 persons including:
Archer,Captain Gabriel  Lawyer
Brereton (Brierton) John (1572-16??), English cleric and Cambridge graduate
Gilbert, Captain Bartholomew Goldsmith, cousin of Captain Gosnold
Gosnold, Bartholomew Captain (from the Godspeed to Virginia 1606-1607)
Rosier, James a Catholic scholar (on the Archangel, in 1605, with Captain George Waymouth)
Places named by Capt Gosnold:
Cape Cod - due to the abundance of these and other fish
Martha's Vineyard (now called No Mans Land) - "honoring his eldest 
        child" (The name was later transferred to the larger island as currently 
Elizabeth's Isle (now called Cuttyhunk) - "honoring another of his 

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