Elizabeth of London to Virginia 1 Aug. 1635

Primo de Augusti 1635

Theis under written names are to be transported to Virginea imbarqued in the Elizabeth de Lo: [London] Christopher Browne Master examined by the Minister of Gravesend touching their conformities to the order and discipline of the Church of England the men have taken Oaths of Allege & Supremacie

Austin Jo: 24 
Bagby Jo: 17 
Baker Jo: 16 
Beaufort Rich. 18 
Benford Jo: 20 
Bennett Jo: 18 
Burbach Marie 17 
Chapman Rich. 18 
Dicks Edward 30 
Everedge Sara 22 
Fearne Paul 24 
Fletcher Lodowick 20 
Frith Tho: 17 
Gibson (Yeoman) 16 
Glassbrooke Wm 26 
Growee Samuel 38 
Hodman Eliza: 20 
Jones Katherine 28 
Leed Thos: 16 
Mathew Samvel 14 
Naxston Moules 19 
Parkins Andrew 18 
Pierce Steeven 30 
Pindon Alice 19 
Royston Thomas 25 
Rudson Elis: 5
Rudson Eliz: 40  (originally Rudston)
Salter Robert 14
Sankster Eliz: 24 
Saunby Mitchell 25 
Shilbom Wm 38 
Shore Ellin 20 
Smith Margaret 28 
Taylor Jo: 18 
Thurgood Wm 13 
Trevas Geo: 18 
Vaughan Jo: 17 
White Edward 18

Elizabeth sources:
Hotten P of Q pg 117-118
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