First Supply consisted of the John and Francis and the Phoenix, per the records from the colony in 1624. The John and Francis with Captain Christopher Newport left London October 4, 1607, Gravesend October 18th, along with the Phoenix and Captain Francis Nelson in consort, waited for the winds until November 2 at Falmouth. They reached Santo Domingo Dec 9th, lost sight of the Phoenix with her 40 men in a fog, and reached Jamestown Saturday evening, Jan 12th. 120 settlers left on the two ships, only 100 reached Virginia. The Phoenix arrived some time after the John and Francis. The John and Francis would return to England April 10, 1608, carrying Edward Wingfield, Archer, an Irishman named Francis McGuire, and an Indian, Namontack, arriving in England May 31st.. The Phoenix finally arrived April 20th having wintered over in the West Indies, then left Virginia June 12, 1608 with Captain Nelson and Captain John Martin.


Abots Jefrey 
Alberton Robert, Perfumer
Barnes Robert 
Bayley William 
Beckwith William, Tailor
Belfield Richard, Refiner
Bentley William, Laborer
Bouth John, Laborer
Brislow Richard, Laborer
Burket William, Laborer
Burne James 
Cantrill William 
Causey William 
Coo Thomas 
Cotton Robert, Tobacco-pipe-maker
Cutler Robert 
Dawson William, Refiner
Dole Richard, Blacksmith
Feld Thomas ,Apothecary
Fetherstone Richard 
Forest George 
Gittnat Post, Surgeon
Goodyson Raymond, Laborer
Gradon Richard, Laborer
Gryvill William 
Gurganay Edward 
Harford John, Apothecary
Harper John 
Hill George 
Hope, Thomas Tailor
Johnson William, Refiner
Keffer Peter, Gunner
Killingbeck Richard 
Leds Timothy 
Lewes John, Couper
May William, Laborer
Miler Richard, Laborer
Molynex Richard 
Morton Ralfe 
Nelstrop Rowland, Laborer
Nickoles John 
Perce William, Laborer
Perkins Francis, Laborer
Phetyplace Michaell 
Phetyplace William 
Pory Peter 
Pots Richard 
Powell John, Tailor 
Pretty George 
Prodger Richard 
Ransacke Abraham, Refiner
Rodes Christopher 
Russell Doctor 
Salvage Richard, Laborer
Salvage Thomas, Laborer
Scrivner, Matthew Council, drowned in James River Jan 1609
Sickelmore Michaell 
Simons William, Laborer
Speareman John, Laborer 
Spence William, Laborer
Stalling Daniell, jeweler
Taverner John 
Towtales Laurence,Tailor
Ven Nicholas, Laborer
Vere Unknown, Laborer
Ward William, Tailor
Watkings James 
Worley Richard 
Wyffin Richard 
Wyles Bishop, Laborer
Yonge William, Tailor
Unknown Michaell, Laborer

Source Order:

Matthew Scrivner 

Michaell Phetyplace 
William Phetyplace 
Ralfe Morton 
William Cantrill 
Richard Wyffin 
Robert Barnes 
George Hill 
George Pretty 
John Taverner 
Robert Cutler 
Michaell Sickelmore 
Thomas Coo 
Peter Pory 
Richard Killingbeck 
William Causey 
Doctor Russell 
Richard Worley 
Richard Prodger 
William Bayley 
Richard Molynex 
Richard Pots 
Jefrey Abots 
John Harper 
Timothy Leds 
Edward Gurganay 
George Forest 
John Nickoles 
William Gryvill 

Raymond Goodyson 
John Speareman 
William Spence 
Richard Brislow 
William Simons 
John Bouth 
William Burket 
Nicholas Ven 
William Perce 
Francis Perkins 
Francis Perkins 
William Bentley 
Richard Gradon 
Rowland Nelstrop 
Richard Salvage 
Thomas Salvage 
Richard Miler 
William May 
Bishop Wyles 

John Powell 
Thomas Hope 
William Beckwith 
William Yonge 
Laurence Towtales 
William Ward 

William Dawson 
Abraham Ransacke
William Johnson 
Richard Belfield 

Thomas Feld 
John Harford 

Daniell Stalling, jeweler
Peter Keffer, Gunner
Robert Alberton, Perfumer
Post Gittnat, Surgeon
John Lewes, Couper
Robert Cotton, Tobacco-pipe-maker
Richard Dole, Blacksmith

Christopher Rodes 
James Watkings 
Richard Fetherstone 
James Burne 
First Supply sources:
"The First Republic in America" by Alexander Brown, pg 55

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