"These men Whose names are heere under written belongings unto the Friendshipe of London, nowe ridinge att An Ankere in the reuer of Themes bound for Vergenia: March 1636."

Betts, Leonard, Master
Blake, John
Blorke, William
Bonner, Richard
Chambers, John, ye other Mate
Daves, Richard, Cooper
Frye, Richard
Goodwene, John, Masters Mate
Gribell Thomas, cook
Huchens, John, Carpenters Mate
Joyce, Henery
Lawsone, Samuell, gunner
Lee, John
Pollen, John
Porte, Nicholas
Reeves, Thomas
Salwcombe, Daveu, Carpenter
Willkisson, Benjamone
Willkisson, q master
Yonges, John, botsman
and a boye
Friendship sources:
Hotten PofQ page 145

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