The Angel Gabriel left King's Road in Bristol on 23 May 1635 with her master, John Taylor, along with the James, the Elizabeth (the Bess), the Mary and the Diligence. The James and the Angel Gabriel stayed together while the three faster and smaller boats went on to Newfoundland. The Angel was wrecked off the coast of Maine, but the James made it into Boston, torn and shredded.

The 250 ton Angel Gabriel and her Master Robert Andrews, carrying immigrants and supplies, left in June (other sources say May 23) and wrecked and sunk in a great storm off the coast of Maine while docked at Pemiquid Harbour August 15,1635. Thankfully, the ship had already achieved it's target and loss of livestock and supplies was minimal. The Angel Gabriel was a famous armed Merchant ship and privateer with 16 guns and space for more.

A partial list of passengers:

Bailey, John Sr and son john Jr b 1613
	Weaver from Chippenham, Eng, wife and family left in England, settled in Newbury 
Beck, Henry
Blaidsdell, Ralph, wife Elizabeth 
	From Goosnargh and/or Holcombe, Lancashire, bound for York, Main or Salisbury. Ref: Bank, Mass. 36 pg 87
Burnham, John, Robert and Thomas
	Nephews of Master Robert Andrews, sons of Robert's sister Mary Andres Burnham.
Cogswell, John 43, wife Elizabeth (Thompson) child Mary, William, John, Hannah, Abigail, Edward, Sarah, Elizabeth, and servants.
	From Reading, Berkshire, bound for Ipswitch. Ref: NEGR 15/177 and Mass Arc 39/506. 36 pg 5
	From Westbury Leigh, Wiltshire, settled in Ipswitch
Furber, William 
Haines, Samuel
	Apprentice to J Cogswell, abt 24, later settled at Dover point
Hook, William
Mathers, Richard
Simpson, Henry
Tuttle, John
	From Dover, settled in Ipswitch then Dover NH

Angel Gabriel sources:
Unfinished Voyages by John Perry Fish  (more information about the journey)

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