Hector, England to Massachussets 1637

From Ship Passenger Lists by Carl Boyer referencing a previous work by Isabel MacBeath Calder entitled Passengers on the Hector, 1637-38, The New Haven Colony pp. 29-31.

The following is the passenger list for the vessel Hector, which brought the passengers accompanying John Davenport and Theophilus Eaton to Connecticut in 1637. There is another ship called the Hector that brought the first Scottish Highlanders to Nova Scotia in the mid-1700's, but the Hector Heritage Foundation in Nova Scotia states that the ship that brought the Davenport/Eaton party is a different vessel.

The Hector that brought the Davenport party to Massachusetts was a new vessel of 250 tons, which had already made a previous passage to Massachusetts Bay. The records indicate that the ship actually arrived in Massachusetts, but other references mention that the Hectoralso took the party to Connecticut in late 1637 or 1638. A passenger ship list for the trip from Massachusetts Bay to New Haven, Connecticut has not been located.

Passengers on the Hectorsold their belongings in preparation for the sailing, but then the English government impressed the ship for the service of the crown. The owners petitioned for its release in January 1637, but the ship was not freed until May. According to the records of John Winthrop of Massachusetts Bay, the ship arrived in Boston (from London England) on June 26, 1637.

According to an Edward R Hale, the Hector left London about 10 May 1637 and arrived in Boston 26 June 1637, with Thomas Hale, is wife, Thomasine and sons Thomas and John. His source is the Descendants of Thomas Hale by Robert Safford Hale, LLC on page 4 and Mass. Hist. Soc 4th series, vol. vii, pg 19, which I have not seen.

Andrews William (From Ipswtich, Suffolk or Hampswaithe, York to Salem or Charlestown. Ref: Pope. 36 pg 156 & 187)
Bannister Edward (From Chiddingly, Sussex, bound for New Haven, Ct. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 171)
Beach/Beckley Richard (From S Bourne Mary, Hampshire, bound for Wethersfield, CT. Ref: Stiles. 36 pg 60)
Brockett John  
Browning Henry 
Budd John 
Cheever Ezekiel 
Clark James 
Cooper John 
Crane Jasper 
Davenport John & Elizabeth 
Dixon Jeremy 
Eaton Theophilus 
Eaton, Old Mrs., his mother 
Eaton Anne, second wife of Theophilus Eaton and daughter of George Loyd Bishop of Chester and widow of Thomas Yale 
Eaton children of Anne Eaton by her former marriage 
Elsey Nicholas
Halbidge Arthur 
Hale, Thomas from Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, aboard the Hector, bound for Newbury. Ref NEGR 35/370 and 64/186, Banks Mass. 36 pg 71
Hall Francis (from Bulkington, Warwickshire, bound for New Haven. Ref: Aspinwall. 36 pg 174)
Hill Robert 
Hitchcock Mathew
Hopkins Edward
Hull Andrew 
Ives William
Low Andrew 
Malbon Richard
Messenger Andrew 
Moulthrop Mathew 
Newman Francis 
Newman Robert 
Osborn Richard 
Patteson Edward 
Reader John  
Rowe Nathaniel 
Smith George 
Thorp William 
Ward George 
Ward Lawrence
Whitehead Samuel 
Old Jewry (?)

Hector sources:

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