The  Hercules left London, England March 24, 1633/4 and Southampton on April 18, 1634 with her master, John Kiddey, arriving in New England at an unknown date.

The following alphabetical roll is according to document from the Port of Southampton, copied at "the Custom house in Portsmouth" on December 6, 1735, by Thomas Whitehouse

Certificate of March 24, 1633/4, London:

Anthoney, John of Hampstead, Middlesex, bound for Portsmouth, Rhode Island
    (John Anthony on certificate for the Mary & John) (Possibly from Hampstead to Portsmouth, RI.  36 pg 110)
Early, Robert
Foster, Thomas of Ipswich, Suffolk, bound for Boston (From Biddenden, Kent, bound for Weymouth and Braintree. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 76)
Foster, William of Ipswich, Suffolk, bound for Ipswich
Hewlett, Matthew 
Latcome, William 

Certificate of April 16, 1634, Southampton:
Davyes, Nathaniel 
    (listed as Nathaniel Davis in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
Elliott, William 
    (listed as William Elliot in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
Fifeilde, William bound for Hampton, New Hampshire
    (listed as William Fifield in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
	(From Littleton, Hampshire, bound for Hampton, NH. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 61)
 Kinge, George
    (listed as George King in "Planters of the Commonwealth")
Phelps, Henry bound for Salem, possibly his brother Edward as well
Rider, Thomas bound for Weymouth

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