Saturday, December 30, 1606, 150 passengers left Blackwall, London, England in three London (Virginia) Company ships, Susan Constant with Master Christopher Newport and 71 passengers, Goodspeed with Capt. Bartholomew Gosnold  and 52 passengers and the Discovery under Capt. John Ratcliffe, carrying 21 persons. They anchored at Downs Jan 15, 1607 due to storm weather and finally left England about the 18th of February. They headed for the New World and in search of the Lost Colony of Roanoke (John White's 1587 trip with 150 passengers landing at Hatorask on July 22.) On February 22nd, they saw a blazing star, a comet and ill omen) and endured another severe storm following the comet. In late February or early March they reached the Great Canaries, took on food and water, again leaving for Virginia via te West Indies. Captain John Smith was restrained as a prisoner, unjustly, according to him, due to a possible mutiny by a Stephen Galthropp, who is not listed among the landed settlers. They stopped at the island of Dominico April 3, they saw the "boiling springs" of Guadeloupe, the Isle of Mevis, Mona on April 17th for fresh water. April 30, 1607, the ships arrive at Cape Comfort, a vanguard boat stopped at Kecoughtan where the natives welcomed the English Another tempest took place May 1, forcing them back for several days. Finally, after 6 weeks, the ships landed in Cape Henry in the "Bay of Chesapioc" on May 5th, and were attacked by Indians May 6th, Captain Gabriel Archer and Matthew Morton were wounded. 105 survivors established the town of Jamestown, over 50 would die in the 'sickly season' or 'seasoning period' of July to September.

Monday, June 23, the Sarah Constant left James Port on a return trip to England, along with the Goodspeed, but the Discovery remained behind. The Constant arrived back in Plymouth on August 8, 1607. By the time Captain Newport returned on the John and Francis, only 38 or 40 men survived.

Settler list:   
Alicock, Jeremy gentleman Archer, Captaine Gabriell gentleman Behethland, Robert gentleman Brinto, Edward mason Brookes, Edward gentleman Brookes, John gentleman Brumfield, James boy Bruster, William gentleman Capper, John carpenter (not listed as of June 1607) Cassen, George laborer, killed by Indians Dec 26 Cassen, Thomas laborer Cassen, William laborer Clovill, Ustis gentleman (Eustace) killed by Indians in June Collier, Samuell boy Couper, Thomas barber (Cowper) Crofts, Richard gentleman Dixon, Richard gentleman Dods, John laborer (1624 VA muster with wife Jane, 40 at muster, he was 36) Edward, Ould laborer Emry, Thomas carpenter, killed by Indians Dec 26 Ford, Robert gentleman Garret, William brick layer Golding, George laborer Gore, Thomas gentleman Gosnold, Anthony gentleman, drowned Jan 1609 in James Rover Grandson of Robert Gosnold of Earl Soham, Suffolk Herd, John brick layer (not listed as of June 1607) Houlgrave, Nicholas gentleman Hunt, Master Robert preacher Johnson, William laborer Kendall, Captaine George council, executed for mutiny Laxon, William carpenter Laydon, John laborer, would marry Anne Burras, maid of Mrs Forrest 1608 or 1609, first Virginia marriage Love, William taylor Martin, Captaine John council (son of Sir Richard Martin) Martin, George gentleman Martin, John gentleman and council Midwinter, Francis gentleman Mutton, Richard boy Peacock, Nathaniel boy Percie, Master George gentleman Brother Henry is Earl of Northumberland Coldham pg 4 Pickhouse, Dru gentleman Pising, Edward carpenter Powell, Nathaniell Capt, gentleman, married Joyce Tracy on the Supply, both slain by 03 Sep 1620 ? George Harrison reports Capt Powell, gunner, have died by Jan 1623. Coldham pg 31 Profit, Jonas sailor Read, James blacksmith Robinson, John gentleman, killed by Indians Dec 26 Rods, William laborer (not listed as of June 1607) Sands, Thomas gentleman Skot, Nicholas drum (Scott) Small, Robert carpenter Smyth, Captaine John council, taken prisoner by Indians Dec 26, released Jan 11, 1608 Snarsbrough, Francis gentleman Studley, Thomas gentleman and merchant, died Sep 7 Tanker, William gentleman (also listed as Tankard) Tavin, Henry laborer Throgmorton, Kellam gentleman Todkill, Anas carpenter (not listed as of June 1607) Unger, William laborer Waller, John gentleman Webbe, Thomas gentleman White, William laborer Wickinson, William Surgeon (Wilkinson) Wingfield, Master Edward Maria council, cousin of Bart Gosnold Wotton, Thomas Surgeon Crew: Brown, Oliver sailor Colson, John mariner Crookdeck, John sailor Fytch, Mathew mariner Gosnoll, Bartholomew Captain and council, died Sep 1, cousin of Wingfield Markham, Robert sailor Nelson, Francis mariner Newport, Christopher Captain, off to Plymouth Aug 8, 1607 Poole, Jonas sailor, possibly the same as Jonas Profit? Ratliffe, John Captain and council, captured by Powhatans Indians and tortured to death by the women Tyndall, Robert mariner Listed as present at Jamestown in a letter from the colonies June 27, 1607 but not listed on the manifests: Per Peter Coldham's The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660, pages 1 & 2 Adling, Henry gentleman Beast, Benjamin gentleman Browne, Edward gentleman Cooke, Roger gentleman Fenton, Robert gentlema Flower, George gentleman Frith, Richard gentleman Halthrope, Edward gentleman
Harrington, Edward gentleman Jacob, Thomas gentleman Kingston, Ellis gentleman Morish, Edward gentleman Moulton, Thomas gentleman Penington, John gentleman Short, John gentleman Simons, Richard gentleman Smethes, William gentleman Stevenson, John gentleman Walker, George gentleman Jamestown sources: Coldham's Emigrants,_Virginia "The First Republic in America" by Alexander Brown, pg 22

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