John of London sailed from Hull, England to Boston, MA in the summer of 1638 with Master George Lamberton. The passage was known for it's passenger, Ezekiel Rogers who settled in Rowley, as well as carrying the first printing press to the colonies.

Alphabetical Order:
Acy, Elizabeth - child
Acy, John - child
Acy, Margaret (Haiton) wife
Acy, Ruth - child
Acy, William, 38
Barker, Mary
Barker, Thomas 
Boynton, Elizabeth, 47
Boynton, John, child
Boynton, William, 42
Brocklebank, Jane, 43
Brocklebank, John, 39
Brocklebank, Samuel, 10
Carleton, Edward, 32
Carleton, Ellen (Newton), 24
Carleton, John, 8
Chaplin, Elizabeth (Scott), 15
Chaplin, Hugh, 35
Crosby, Constance, abt 38
Daye, Stephen and sons
Elithorp, Thomas, 36
Glover, Jose (Joseph), 36
Haseltine, John, 26
Haseltine, Robert, abt 38
Jewett, Ann, child
Jewett, Jeremiah, child
Jewett, Joseph, abt 38
Jewett, Mary (Mallinson), abt 32
Jewett, Maximillion, child
Jewett, Sarah, child
Lambert, Ann, child
Lambert, Francis, abt 38
Lambert, Jane (Barker)
Lambert, John, child
Lambert, Thomas, child
Nelson, Thomas, abt 30
Northend, Ezekiel, 29
Northend, Jeremiah
Reyner, Ann, child
Reyner, Humphrey, 40
Reyner, Martha, child
Reyner, Mary, wife
Reyner, Mary, child
Rogers, Ezekiel
Rogers, Joan (Hartopp) (Waters)
Spofford, Rev John, abt 35
Tenney, Thomas, abt 35

Source order:
Rogers, Ezekiel
Rogers, Joan (Hartopp) (Waters)
Barker, Thomas 
Barker, Mary
Crosby, Constance
Elithorp, Thomas
Lambert, Francis
Lambert, Jane (Barker)
Lambert, John
Lambert, Thomas
Lambert, Ann
Carleton, Edward
Carleton, Ellen (Newton)
Carleton, John
Reyner, Humphrey
Reyner, Mary
Reyner, Mary
Reyner, Ann
Reyner, Martha
Acy, William
Acy, Margaret (Haiton)
Acy, Ruth
Acy, Elizabeth
Acy, John
Chaplin, Hugh
Chaplin, Elizabeth
Jewett, Maximillion
Jewett, Ann
Jewett, Joseph 
Jewett, Mary (Mallinson)
Jewett, Sarah
Jewett, Jeremiah
Haseltine, Robert
Haseltine, John
Northend, Ezekiel
Northend, Jeremiah
Boynton, William
Boynton, Elizabeth
Boynton, John
Brocklebank, Jane
Brocklebank, Samuel
Brocklebank, John
Nelson, Thomas
Spofford, John
Tenney, Thomas
Glover, Jose
Daye, Stephen and sons 

John of London sources:

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