The Lyon left Bristol, England February, 1630/31  with her Master, William Peirce, arriving in Salem May 1630/31

Rev. Roger Williams, bound for Salem
 Mrs. Mary Williams 

John Throckmorton, bound for Salem
 Mrs. Rebecca Throckmorton 
 John Throckmorton 
 Patience Throckmorton 
    Throckmorton Descendant contact:  email Nancy Bell

John Perkins, of Hilmorton, Warwick, bound for Boston
 Mrs. Judith Perkins 
 John Perkins 
 Elizabeth Perkins 
 Mary Perkins 
 Thomas Perkins 
 Jacob Perkins 

Edmond Onge, of Lavenham, Suffolk, bound for Watertown
 Mrs. Frances Onge 
 Simon Onge 
 Jacob Onge 

William Parke, bound for Roxbury

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