The Martin's voyage is only known through the death of a passenger and his will.The Martin arrived in Boston Harbor before July 13, 1638.

The following list is all that is known:

SYLVESTER BALDWIN of Aston Clinton, county Bucks. Or from Flitwick,Bedforfshire, bound for Norwich CT. 36 pg 2 & 7
Mrs. Sarah Baldwin 
Richard Baldwin 
Sarah Baldwin 

CHAD BROWN (settled in) Providence (From Wycombe (High) bound for Providence. Ref: NEGR 65/84. 36 pg 11) 
Mrs. Elizabeth Brown 
John Brown 

JAMES WEEDEN of Chesham, county Bucks (settled in) Newport, Rhode Island  (Weedon from Chesham, Buckinghamshire, bound for Newport, RI. Ref: NEGR 76/115 36 pg 8) 
Mrs. Phillippa Weeden 
John Weeden 
William Weeden 
Anna Weeden 
Martha Weeden 

Martin sources:

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