The Recovery left Weymouth, Dorsetshire 31 March, 1633 with her master, Gabriel Cornish, arriving at Massachusetts Bay.

31 March 1633: Planters carrying with them household goods, clothing and provisions for themselves, their wives, children and servants, valued at £920 and allowed to pass free of customs by His Majesty's patent, to be shipped on the Recvoery of London, Mr. Gabriel Cornish, from Weymouth to New England. Coldham pg 107

The following alphabetical roll is from her departure point, not necessarily who landed..

Alphabetical by name with roll number: (List by roll number below)
Androes, Joseph #9
Biscomb, Thomas #23
Bowne, William #15
Coggen, Mary #6
Dible, Robert #10
Eames, Anthony #20, daughter Elizabeth married Edward Wilder, unk ship 1651 W1
Elderman, John #25
Elwell, Robert #13
Gillet, Jonathan #4
Hardy, John #16
Hill, Sarah #17
Hore, Ezechia #24
Long, Thomas #2
Newberry, Thomas Roll #1
Norchat, Daniel #8
Parkman, Elizabeth #5
Phippen, David #3
Pinny, John #26
Plxxxxx, George #22
Pope, John #11
Shawe, Thomas #19
Swift, Thomas #21
Terrey, Stephen #12
Wakeley, Thomas #7
Woolcocke, John #18
Wotts, John #14


List by roll number:
1 Newberry, Thomas
2 Long, Thomas
3 Phippen, David
4 Gillet, Jonathan
5 Parkman, Elizabeth
6 Coggen, Mary
7 Wakeley, Thomas
8 Norchat, Daniel
9 Androes, Joseph
10 Dible, Robert
11 Pope, John
12 Terrey, Stephen
13 Elwell, Robert
14 Wotts, John
15 Bowne, William
16 Hardy, John
17 Hill, Sarah
18 Woolcocke, John
19 Shawe, Thomas
20 Eames, Antony
21 Swift, Thomas
22 Plxxxxx, George
23 Biscomb, Thomas 
24 Hore, Ezechia
25 Elderman, John
26 Pinny, John
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