John & Dorothy of Ispwich and The Rose of Yarmouth, 1637

A small parchment volume (also in the Rolls Office) labelled on the cover"T G 27.299 A. D, 1637---13 Car. I" is occupied with a record of persons"desirous to pass beyond seas." Its upper right hand corner has been destroyed, by which much of the record is gone. What is not destroyed of the title of the volume is "A Register of the ... of such persons a ... and upwards and have ... to passe into formigne partes ... March 1637 to the 29th day of Septe... by verts of a commission granted to Mr Thomas Mayhew gentleman." " These people went to New England with William Andrews of Ipswich, Mr of the John and Dorothay of Ipswich, and with William Andrewes his Sons Mr of the Rose of Yarmouth.

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