The following entiries were obtained from my Hotten book 8a from the Musters of the Inhabitants in Virginia 1624/1625 chapters, pages 201 thru 265, which lists the muster captain, and what ship the individual arrived on.

Banum, John, 1616 voyage, aged 54 at muster Elizabeth City, wife Elizabeth on Bona Nova, listed with Robart Sweete 7 servants.
Burditt, William 1615 voyage, aged 25 at muster, Eastern Shore as servant to Capt William Epes.
Cole, Francis, 1616 voyage, aged 27 at muster, Elizabeth City listed with William Cole on the Neptune.
Graue, Elnor, with son John, wife of George on the Seaventure. Daughters Rebcca and Sara Snow also listed on muster.
Kingsmell, Jane, wife of Richard on the Delaware.
Laydon, John, 1606 voyage, aged 44 at muster, Elizabeth City, wife Anne on the Mary Margaret, lists 4 children born in VA.
Peirsey, Abraham, 1616 voyage. Wife Elizabeth and daughter Mary on the 1623 Southampton. Muster at James City lists 4 servants, remainding 20 servants at Peirsey Hundred.
	Son in law to widow Elizabeth Draper of London. Coldham pg 70
Sparkes, Thomas, 1616 voyage, aged 24 at muster at Eastern Shore with William Bibbe.
Wright, Horten, aged 20 at muster at Neck-of-Land near James City, servant to Richard Kinsmell.

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