The William and Francis left London March 9, 1632 with Master Mr. Thomas, landing New England on June 5, 1632.


Rev. Stephen Bachiler (71 years of age) and his third wife, Helena; his widowed daughter, Deborah Wing, and her three sons, Daniel, John, and Stephen; also three Sanborne grandsons (Stephen, John, and William).

Charles Banks Topo lists the following Passengers:
Bachiler, Stephen, from Barton Stacey or Wherwell, Hampshire, aboard the William and Francis, bound for Lynn, MA. Ref: Pope & Savage. 36 pg 60 & 64.
Banister, John, from Yorkshire, aboard the William and Francis. Ref: Plough Co. 36 pg 189.
Oliver, Thomas, from Bristol, Gloucestershire, aboard the William and Francis, bound for Boston. Ref: Savage. 36 pg 56.
Woodford, Thomas, from Essex, aboard the William and Francis, bound for Boston and Roxbury. Ref: Banks Mss. 36 pg 54.

William and Francis sources:

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