William Shurtleff Genealogy 1917 Publication Online Data Base

Abiel Shurtleff   [3] 2nd generation
b June 23rd to 30th, 1666 after his father's death by lightning, Marshfield, MA
d 28 Oct 1732, Plympton, MA (Genealogy says 28th, gravestone says 22nd)
buried Lakenham Cemetery, North Carver, MA
Findagrave # 23269330
Parents: William Shurtleff & Elizabeth Lettice
Spouse: Lydia Barnes m Jan 14, 1695/6, Plymouth, MA
Child: James Shurtleff [14]
Child: Elizabeth Shurtleff [15]
Child: Lydia Shurtleff [16]
Child: David Shurtleff [17]
Child: Hannah Shurtleff [18]
Child: John Shurtleff [19]
Child: Benjamin Shurtleff [20]
Child: William Shurtleff [21]
Child: Joseph Shurtleff [22]
Child: Abiel Shurtleff [23]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 21-34

Abiel Shurtleff [23] 3rd generation
b 10/23/1717 Plymouth, MA
d 1784 Plymouth, MA
Occupation: Housewright
Parents: Abiel Shurtleff m Lydia Barnes
Spouse: Lucy Clarke m 03/24/1739/40 Plymouth
All children born in Plymouth:
Child: Abiel Shurtleff b 01/20/1740/1, d 07/23/1742 Plymouth 2 y
Child: Abiel Shurtleff
Child: Clark Shurtleff b 01/07/1744, d umn - end of info
Child: Noah Shurtleff b 06/12/1744 d unm - end of info
Child: Lucy Shurtleff [78]
Child: Levi Shurtleff
Child: Samuel Shurtleff
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 51-52

Abiel Shurtleff 4th generation
b 09/15/1742 Plymouth, MA
d 1783 Plymouth, unmarried
Private in Capt Nathaniel Shaw's company, Col James Warren's regiment marched on alarm of April 19, 1775
Sergeant in Capt George Hammond's company, Thomas Lothrop's regiment
Corporal in Capt Jesse Sturtevant's company, Col John Jacob's regiment
Parents: Abiel Shurtleff m Lucy Clarke
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 51

Abiel Shurtleff [60] 5th generation Abiel Shurtleff
b 03/11/1733 Plympton MA
d 01/06/1826 Carver MA
Listed as buried at "Lakenham Cem, Carver 59"  4
Private Capt Gamaliel Bradford's Co, Col Thomas Doty's regiment 05/02/1758 to Nov 1
Part of a troop of returning men that deserted at Half Moon
Parents: David Shurtleff  m Bethiah Lucas
Spouse: Mary Le Baron m 01/04/1756 Plympton MA
Child: David Shurtleff  m Mercy Atwood [131]
Child: Timothy [214]
Child: Gideon m Lucy Shaw [205]
Child: Levi [215]
Child: James [216]
Child: Joel [217]
Child: Enoch b 12/04/1773 d 01/22/1778 aged 4
Child: Abiel [218]
Child: Enoch [219]
At age 93 walked nine miles in four hours to Pilgrim's Rock where he caught cold and died.
Listed as Sgt in DAR Patriot Index
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 73

Abigail Shurtleff [12] 3rd generation
b abt 1705 Plymouth, MA
living 06/26/1774
Parents: William Shurtleff m Susanna Lothrop
Spouse:  Lazarus Sampson m 10/1733, Plympton, MA
Children listed under Lazarus Sampson
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 41

Abigail Shurtleff
b 04/05/1782
d 08/11/1864
Findagrave #40447938
Parents: Benjamin Shurtleff m Abigail Atwood
Spouse: Francis Atwood m 09/15/1824 Carver MA
Child: no issue
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 81

Alice Shurtleff
b 07/28/1740 Plympton MA
d 03/08/1831 Marshfield MA
Parents: Samuel Shurtleff m Abigail Adams
Spouse: Joseph Sherman m 10/23/1760 Marshfield MA
Children listed under Joseph Sherman
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 67

Amasa Shurtleff [83]  Amasa Shurtleff
b 05/21/1760 Bridgewater MA
d 05/11/1827 New York NY
Private Moses Knapp's Company, Col William Shepard's 3rd MA regiment 04/02/1777 to 04/01/1777
Sergeant Capt Nehemiah Emerson's Company, Col Benjamin Tupper's 10th MA regiment, engaged 12/19/1779
Described at 20 years as 5'11, light complexion and hair, residence as Attleboro MA
Parents: William Shurtleff m Sarah Kingman
Spouse: Sarah Harlow
Child: Sarah [288]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 89-90

Anna Shurtleff [72] 4th generation
b 08/19/1745 Plympton MA
d02/28/1810 Carver MA
Parents: William Shurtleff m Deborah Ransom
Spouse: Jabez Maxham
Children listed under Jabez Maxham
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 83-84

Ansel Shurtleff [149]
b 07/17/1788 Plympton MA
d 08/14/1815 Plympton MA
Parents: Barnabas Shurtleff m Phebe Harlow
Spouse: Elizabeth Atwood m 07/07/1811 Carver MA
Child: Ansel Shurtleff b 09/15/1813 Plympton, d abt 1819 Bridgewater VT
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 115

Asahel Shurtleff [115] 5th generation Asahel Shurtleff
b 05/25/1757 Windsor, CT
d 03/31/1830 Swanzey, NH
Parents: William Shurtleff m Hannah Cady 
Spouse: Sarah Dewey m 11/08/1781 Windsor CT
Child: Anna [353]
Child: Sarah b 09/20/1786 Windsor, d unm 08/1878 Rindge NH
Child: Asahel [354]
Child: Sophia [355]
Child: Miranda b 11/06/1794 d unm 10/09/1873 Rindge NH
Child: Roswell Shurtleff [356]
Child: Maria [357]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 101-102
Listed as private in DAR Patriot Index

Asaph Shurtleff  [126]  5th generation Asaph Shurtleff
3rd great grandfather AFN RHPM-XF
b 23 Jan 1770 in Tolland, CT
d 08 Sep 1835 in Compton, Quebec, Canada, aged 65 years
Parents: Lothrop Shurtleff & Submit Terry
Spouse: Rachel Ann Whitmore Elderkin m 31 Aug 1797 in Plainfield, VT
Child: Lothrop Shurtleff [399]
Child: Joshua Booth m Minerva Brown, sister to Amy
Child: Asaph m Laura Bill
Child: Hannah m George Ferguson Pennoyer
Child: Submit m Samuel Porter Carpenter
Child: Lydia m Harvey McCloud
Child: Horatio Nelson m Amy Brown, sister to Minerva
Child: Elderkin m Harriet Place, d no issue
Child: Ann b 05/25/1814 d unmarried 1888
Child: Alpha R (twin) d 1831
Child: Alva T (twin) died one month old
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 106