William Shurtleff Genealogy 1917 Publication Online Data Base

Barnabas Shurtleff [8] 3rd generation
b 03/17/1695/6 in Plymouth, MA
d  05/18/1759 Plymouth with measles
Occupation: Military company captain and justice of the peace
Parents: William Shurtleff m Susanna Lothrop
Spouse: Jemima Adams m 03/16/1726/7 in Plymouth
All children were born in Plympton
Child: Susanna Shurtleff [37] m Nathaniel Atwood
Child: Jemima Shurtleff b 07/24/1730, m Ebenezer Lawrence 10/06/1776, d 09/24/1781 Plympton, no issue
Child: Barnabas Shurtleff b 11/28/1733, d 09/20/1745 Plympton
Child: Molly Shurtleff b 04/24/1735, d 09/26/1745 Plympton
Child: Francis Shurtleff [38]
Child: Caleb Shurtleff b 11/12/1740, d 09/20/1745 Plympton
Child: Elizabeth Shurtleff [39]
Child: Molly Shurtleff [40]
Child: Barnabas Shurtleff [41]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 38-39

Barnabas Shurtleff [41] 4th generation
b 06/03/1750 Plympton MA
d 03/23/1832 Carver MA
Parents: Barnabas Shurtleff m Jemima Adams
Spouse: Phebe Harlow m 05/18/1775 Plympton
Child: Barnabas Shurtleff [146]
Child: Jemima Shurtleff [147]
Child: Stephen Shurtleff [148]
Child: Phebe b 12/04/1785, d unm 06/03/1811 Carver
Child: Ansel Shurtleff [149]
Drummer in Capt Moses Knapp's Company, Col William Shepard's 3rd MA regiment 05/01/1777 to 12/31/1779
Private in Capt Seth Banister's Company, Col William Shepard's regiment 01/01/1780 to 05/01/1780
Private in Capt Perez Churchill's Company, Col Ebenezer White's regiment, marched Aug 1st 1780, 9 days on alarm at Rhode Island, discharged 08/01/1780.
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 65
Listed as a Private in the DAR Patriot Index

Barnabas Shurtleff [146] Barnabas Shurtleff
b 12/03/1778 Plympton, MA
d 01/23/1832 Carver, MA (Plympton)
Parents: Barnabas Shurtleff m Phebe Harlow
Spouse: Zilpha Cole m 09/23/1805 Carver MA (Plympton)
Child: William Shurtleff
Child: Polly Savery Shurtleff [468]
Child: Barnabas Shurtleff
Child: Lothrop Shurtleff [469]
Child: Zilpha Barrows Shurtleff
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 114

Bathsheba Shurtleff [77] 4th generation
b 05/11/1752 Plymouth MA
d 04/19/1812 Kingston MA
Parents: Joseph Shurtleff m Sarah Nelson
Spouse: John Bartlett 05/16/1771 Kingston MA
Children listed under John Bartlett
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 85-86

Benjamin Shurtleff [20] 3rd generation
b 04/11/1711 Plymouth, MA
d 11/23/1788 Plympton, MA
Occupation: Founded Charlotte Furnace Iron Works in Plympton
Parents: Abiel Shurtleff m Lydia Barnes
Spouse 1: Hannah Dimon 10/21/1736 Rehoboth, MA
Spouse 2: Susanna Cushman 03/25/1745 Plympton, MA
All children born in Plympton:
Child: Hannah Shurtleff [66]
Child: Benjamin Shurtleff [67]
Child: Susanna Shurtleff b 02/01/1751, d unm 12/26/1842 Carver, MA, nutty than a fruitcake (great stories page 45)
Child: Ruth Shurtleff b 07/25/1753, m Elias Nye, d 04/1785, no issue
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 44-45

Benjamin Shurtleff [67] 4th generation Benjamin Shurtleff m Abigail Atwood
b 10/14/1748 Plympton MA
d 07/08/1821, Sunday 11 am Carver MA
Listed as buried at "South Carver, 34" or "16"  4
Occupation:  Farmer
Private Capt Nathaniel Shaw's Co, Col James Warren regiment marched on alarm of April 19, 1775
Private Capt Francis Shurtleff's Co, Col Thomas Lothrop's regiment marched on alarm to Bristol RI Dec 11, 1776
Parents: Benjamin Shurtleff m Susanna Cushman
Spouse: Abigail Atwood m 06/07/1773 Plympton MA (weighed 275 lbs)
Born on the estate where his father and grandfather lived and died
Extensive stories by Benjamin Shurtleff of Napa CA
Shurtleff Park, Carver MA dedicated to ancestors
Child: Benjamin Shurtleff [231] weighed 214
Child: Nathaniel [232] weighed 220
Child: Stephen Shurtleff 12/28/1777 died 2 years old
Child: Barzillai [233] weighed 240
Child: Abigail Shurtleff
Child: Flavel [234] weighed 210
Child: Ruth Shurtleff b 08/24/1787, d unm 04/12/1873
Child: Lot Shurtleff b 03/07/1789, d unm 03/13/1864 weighed 200
Child: Charles [235] weighed 180
Child: Samuel Atwood [236] weighed 245
Child: Hannah [237]
Child: Milton [238] weighed 230
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 76-81

Benjamin Shurtleff [231]  5th generation Benjamin Shurtleff
b 11/07/1774 Plymtpon MA (now Caver)
d 04/12/1847 Boston MA
Possibly buried at "Union Cem, Carver 59"  4
Occupation: Distinquished and accomplished Surgeon Physician, Harvard graduate
Parents: Benjamin Shurtleff m Abigail Atwood
Spouse: Sally Shaw m 07/26/1803 Plymouth MA
Child: Abby [730]
Child: Benjamin [713]
Child: Sally [732]
Child: Nathaniel [733]
Child: Ann b 02/04/1812 d 12/01/1812
Child: Son died at birth 11/04/1823
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 145-152

Benoni Shurtleff [34] 4th generation
b 04/07/1730 Plympton, MA (N.S. has Apr 18)
d abt 1803 Berlin VT
Parents: John Shurtleff m Sarah Lucas Carver
Spouse 1: Submit Pike m 07/23/1753 Southboro MA
Child: William Shurtleff
Child: Anna [119]
Child: Benoni Shurtleff [120]
Child: Freeman - no info
Child: Jonas Shurtleff [121]
Child: Lucinda - no info
Child: Jeddediah [122]
Child: Amos (See notes below)
Child: Troas [123]
Child: Joel [124]
Child:  Hannah b 01/19/1768 Barre MA d there 02/05/1770
Child: Heman
Child: Otis - no info
Child: Visa m 04/12/1789 Edward Foster Jr, Pelham MA
Child: John Carver [125]
Spouse 2: Nancy Wise
Spouse 3: Experience Wheeler m 04/20/1803 Berlin (who married William Ware 01/31/1908)
At 14 Benoni went to work as a blacksmith in Windham CT, afterwards to Southboro and Barre MA, several other places before going to Vermont. 19,900 acres of wild land (current town of Barre, VT) was chartered to William Williams, becoming Wildersburg, where Benoni left and moved a little over the line of the town of Berlin.
Sentinel in Capt John Fay's company, Col Josiah Brown's regiment, enetered service 05/15/1755, served till 12/03/1755, service 12 weeks, 6 days, allowed 10 days subsistence and 12 days travel, paid $4 (more)
Also private Capt Aaron Fay's company, 04/24 to 11/02, expedition to Crown Point, roll dated 02/19/1760.
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 58-60

Notes on Amos: b July 18, 1763, in Barre, Mass.; m. Martha Kenyon, b. in Hall, Mumford; went to Plainfield, Vt; then Hatley, Quebec, and then back to the states; they had Mumford, Amos, Edith, Sabrie and Martha.  Son Mumford was born abt 1795, married Sarah Polly Sage, lived in Mumford, NY (?) buried in Cross Cemetery, Halstead's Bay near Lansdowne, Ontario with other Shurtleff members. Mumford and Sarah's children were at least a daughter Olive and son Kenyon Shurtleff married Christina Cross, their daughter was Olive Shurtleff, the great grandmother of Larry Salmon who provided this information, Jan 2008.

Benoni Shurtleff [120] 5th generation  Benoni Shurtleff
b 05/15/1757 Hardwick MA
d 02/07/1840 Middlebury VT
Occupation: Innkeeper in Keene, NH
Private Capt John Granger's Company, Col Ebenezer Learned's regiment, enlisted from Rutland 05/16/1775-10/07/1775
Private Capt Thomas Willington's Company, Col Asa Whitcomb's regiment 11/27/1776
At the Battle of Bunker Hill
Parents: Benoni Shurtleff m Submit Pike
Spouse: Nancy Farrar m 1783 Framington MA
Child: Nancy b 03/05/1784 d unm 08/27/1801
Child: Lucinda [378]
Child: Caroline [379]
Child: Sophia b 08/15/1790, m David Page, d 03/08/1879 Camden NJ no issue
Child: Frances [380]
Child: Mary [381]
Child: Louisa [382]
Child: Harriet b 01/04/1801 m Nathan Wood, d 08/06/1880 Rutland VT, had dtr who died at birth
Child: John Farrar b 07/11/1803 d unm of yellow fever 09/1830 Charleston SC
Child: Jonas Ball [383]
Child: George Grandison b 12/07/1806 frowned from ship Ohio in Mediterrean Sea, Spain 1840
Child: Nancy Farrar b 02/25/1813 Keene, d 09/18/1813
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 103-104
Second spouse Lucy Selfridge listed in DAR Patriot Index
Listed as a "PVT Mar NS MA PNSR" in DAR Patriot Index