William Shurtleff Genealogy 1917 Publication Online Data Base

David Shurtleff [17] 4th generation
b 06/01/1703 Plymouth, MA
d 04/04/1784 Plympton, MA
Parents: Abiel Shurtleff m Lydia Barnes
Spouse:  Bethiah Lucas 10/14/1731 Plympton
Child: Abiel Shurtleff [60]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 43

David Shurtleff  David Shurtleff
b 11/20/1756 Plympton MA
d bef 1834 Middleboro MA
Private Capt John Bridgham's Company, Col Theophilus Cotton's regiment 05/02/1775-1776
Was with General Washington at the crossing of the Delaware River Dec 1776
Parents: Abiel Shurtleff m Mary Le Baron
Spouse: Mercy Atwood
Child: Chloe Shurtleff [414]
Child: Joseph Shurtleff b 02/11/1780, died in infancy
Child: Martha Shurtleff [415]
Child: William Shurtleff [416]
Child: Mary Shurtleff [417]
Child: David Shurtleff [418]
Child: Zenas Shurtleff  b 05/30/1790 d 09/15/1791
Child: Abiel Shurtleff [419]
Child: Susanna Shurtleff [420]
Child: Lydia Shurtleff [421]
Child: Alvah Shurtleff [422]
Child: Seth Shurtleff [423]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 108
Listed as "Pvt MA PSNR" in DAR Patriot Index

Drusilla Shurtleff [65] 4th generation
b abt 1742 Rehoboth MA
d 08/27/1761 Attleboro MA
Parents: John Shurtleff m Abigail Fuller
Spouse 1: Richard Everett
Child: Abigail Everett
Child: Richard [226]
Spouse 2: William Thomas m 12/18/1780
Lived in Providence RI
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 75-76