William Shurtleff Genealogy 1917 Publication Online Data Base

Ebenezer Shurtleff [68] 4thgeneration Ebenezer Shurtleff
b 06/05/1736 Plympton MA
d 04/25/1776 Plymouth MA, died of smallpox at his home at Half Way Ponds
buried in the woods on Martin Douglas farm in the road to Sandwich, grave covered by two stones
Private Lt Nathaniel Cooks & Maj Moses Deahon's Company, Col Joseph Thacher's regiment 03/30/1756-12/05/1756
Prrivate Capt Silvester Richmond's Company 3rd MA regiment of Provincials 05/08 to 12//16/1759
Parents: William Shurtleff m Deborah Ransom
Spouse: Mary Pratt m 03/22/1759 Plympton MA
Child: Joseph Shurtleff b 08/06/1761, died 09/28/1775 at 14 years
Child: Asaph [239]
Child: Mary [240]
Child: Sarah Shurtleff b 07/12/1767 died 03/1768 at 1 year
Child: William Shurtleff b 07/10/1769 died 10/02/1775 at 6 years
Child: Ebenezer Shurtleff b 04/10/1771 m Ruth Barrows [212] and Mary Shaw [206]
Child: Issac [241]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 81

Eleanor Shurtleff [91]
b 03/20/1794 Plympton, Mass
d unknown
Parents: Ichabod Shurtleff m Elizabeth Pratt
Spouse: John Clarke
Children listed under John Clarke
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 93

Elizabeth Shurtleff [15] 3rd generation
b 12/06/1698 Plymouth, MA
d  aft 1760 Plympton, MA
Parents: Abiel Shurtleff m Lydia Barnes
Spouse: Joseph Vaughn 01/28/1719/20 Plymouth
All children were born in Plympton
Child: Daniel Vaughn [54]
Child: Samuel Vaughn, d unm Plympton
Spouse: Jonathan Shaw m 04/07/1736 Plympton, MA
Child: No issue
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 42

Elizabeth Shurtleff [26] 4th generation
b 06/26/1727 Plympton, MA
d 02/25/1785 Thompson Parish, CT
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Phebe Shaw
Spouse:  Daniel Davis m 12/02/1762 Killingly, CT
Child: William Shurtleff b 11/12/1764, d 11/07/1772 8 years
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 54

Elizabeth Shurtleff [39] 4th generation
b 06/27/1743 Plympton MA (N.S. = July 8)
d 04/21/1824 Carver MA
Parents: Barnabas Shurtleff m Jemima Adams
Spouse: Hezekiah Cole m 07/18/1765 Plympton MA
All children born in Plympton MA
Child: Deborah Cole b 10/12/1765, d unm 03/07/1791 Carver MA
Child: Betsy Cole b 01/01/1767, d unm 03/10/1786
Child: James Cole b 07/26/1768, d unm 07/18/1794 Martinique Island, WI
Child: Zilpha Cole b 09/14/1770, m Chapman Rider, d 07/15/1807 Middleboro MA
Child: Hezekiah Cole [139]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 64

Elizabeth Shurtleff [51] 4th generation
b 02/15/1736/7 Plymouth MA
d 02/19/1818 Plymouth MA
Parents: James Shurtleff m Faith Jackson
Spouse: Ephraim Spooner m 02/02/1764 Plymouth MA
Child: Ephraim b 04/01/1765, died same day
Child: Elzabeth b 09/05/1766, died in first year
Child: Ephraim b 05/03/1768, died in first year
Child: Elizabeth b 04/12/1769, died same day
Child: Ephraim b 04/04/1771 died at four years
Child: Sarah b 08/13/1772, d unm 09/18/1855
Child: Thomas b 02/11/1775, d unm 04/07/1827
Child: James [178]
Child: Ebenezer b 01/20/1779, d unm 10/02/1845
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 69