William Shurtleff Genealogy 1917 Publication Online Data Base

Francis Shurtleff [38] 4th generation
b 04/08/1738 Plympton, MA
d 08/14/1794 Carver, MA
Possibly buried at "Couth Carver Cem, Carver 16, 30 or 34"  4
Occupation: Ensign Capt Nathaniel Shaw's 2nd Plympton company, Col George Watson's 1st Plymouth Co regiment
Second Lieutenant Capt Nathaniel Shaw's company, Col James Warren's regiment, marched on alarm of Apr 19, 1775
First Lieutenant Capt Nathaniel Shaw's company, Col Gamaliel Bradford Jr's regiment
Lieutenant Col Thomas Lothrop's regiment, marched on alarm of Dec 11, 1776
Additional military service
Parents: Barnabas Shurtleff m Jemima Adams
Spouse: Mary Shaw m 08/07/1790 Carver
All children were born in Plympton
Child: Zilpha b 10/22/1761, d 03/07/1762 infant
Child: Caleb b 02/27/1763, d 1763 infant
Child: Francis Shurtleff [134]
Child: Caleb b 1767, died 1767 infant
Child: Olivia Shurtleff named after the beautiful dtr of the Vicar of Wakefield [135]
Child: Lothrop Shurtleff [136]
Child: William b 02/14/1775, d 11/12/1778 3 years
Child: Nathaniel b 09/16/1777, d 11/18/1778 1 year
Child: Mary Shurtleff [137]
Child: Zilpha Shurtleff [138]
Child: Susanna b 04/26/1785, d 09/08/1791 6 years
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 61-62
Notes include he was very indulgent of his children, once Olivia commented she liked an expensive English calico fabric and he bought a dress of it for her costing a dollar a yard. Justice of the Peace, dentist, clerk, deacon. Many great stories!
Listed as born 1739 and as Lt MA in DAR Patriot Index