William Shurtleff Genealogy 1917 Publication Online Data Base

Ichabod Shurtleff [9] 3rd generation
b 11/08/1697 Plymouth, MA
d  1782/1783 Eastbury, CT
Occupation: Owned farms and land
Parents: William Shurtleff m Susanna Lothrop
Spouse: Hannah Carver m 09/21/1721 Plympton
All children were born in Plympton
Child: John Shurtleff
Child: Grace Shurtleff d unm Glastonbury, CT
Child: Lathrop Shurtleff d unm at young age Glastonbury, CT
Child: Hannah Shurtleff d unm as tailoress Glastonbury, CT
Child: Jonathan Shurtleff [42]
Child: Lemuel Shurtleff [43]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 39-40

Ichabod Shurtleff  [28]  4th generation Ichabod Shurtleff
b 1728 Plympton, MA
d 09/1787 Plympton, MA
Will dated 09/04/1787, proved 10/01/1787
Occupation: Sentinel in Capt Samuel Wheelwright's company 1748
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Phebe Shaw
Spouse 1: Elizabeth Pratt (d 1764/1765) m 03/04/1762 Plympton, MA
Child: Ichabod Shurtleff appt guardian to Joseph and Abigail [90]
Spouse 2: Elethea Washburn 04/03/1766 Kingston, MA
Child: Elizabeth Shurtleff, m 06/05/1814 William Coye Plymouth, d Plymouth, no issue
Child: Eleanor Shurtleff[91]
Child: Joseph Shurtleff m 10/03/1795 Silvina Brattles, d 1797 Savannah, GA, no issue. She married Thomas Dunham of Carver to whom she was published in 1798, he drowned falling overboard 1797. Merry widow?
Child: Sarah Shurtleff d Plympton abt 15 years old
Child: Abigail Shurtleff [92]
Child: Nathaniel Shurtleff, died in infancy
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 55

Ichabod Shurtleff [90]  5th generation  Ichabod Shurtleff
b 1764 Plympton, Mass
d 06/09/1820 Stanstead Quebec
Parents: Ichabod Shurtleff m Elizabeth Pratt
Spouse 1: Bettey Pettengill (06/291760 to 10/021829) in Bridgewater, Mass
Member of Capt John William's twenty-fifth division, described as 16 years, 5 foot two, dark complexion, residence Plymtpon.
Arrived at Springfield July 23, 1780, discharged Dec 4, 1780. Service 5 mos, 12 days incl 240 miles' travel home.
Child: Polly Shurtleff b 1788, d unm Stanstead Quebec 1816 owing to the death of her lover who d just before.
Child: David [309]
Child: Betsy Shurtleff, b 1794, m Stanstead to Mr Alden, went west and was never heard from again.
Supposed to have been killed either by the Indians or wild beasts.
(Note: Betsy's line was discovered at somepoint, she made it after all!)
Child: Ichabod Shurtleff [310]
Child: Daniel [311]
Child: Abigail Shurtleff b 1802 Croydon, d young in Croydon
Child: Sylvia Ann Shurtleff [311a]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 93

Ichabod Shurtleff [310]  6th generation  Ichabod Shurtleff
b Feb 9, 1797 Plympton, Mass
d June 20, 1870 Genoa, Illinois
Parents:  Ichabod Shurtleff m Bettey Pettengill
Spouse 1: Mahala Kempton (Dec 16, 1800-June 5, 1871) her sister m Giles Shurtleff
Child: George Shurtleff[1035]
Child: Elizabeth [1036]
Child: Charles [1037]
Child: Hannah [1038]
Child: Calvin [1039]
Child: Willard [1040]
Child: Hiram b June 22, 1832
Child: Caroline b Oct 28, 1838, d unm
Child: Eliza b July 9, 1941, m twice, no issue
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 187