William Shurtleff Genealogy 1917 Publication Online Data Base

William Shurtleff [1]
7th great grandfather AFN 33XQ-GM
b 16 May 1624 in Ecclesfield, West Riding, Yorkshire, England (date disputed)
d 23 Jun 1666 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass at 42 years
cause of death was killed by lightning coming down a chimney
buried 24 Jun 1666 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass  - See Memorial Picture
Parents: unknown, supposedly Nicholas Shurtleff
Spouse: Elizabeth Lettice m 18 Oct 1655 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Mass, aged 29  4 pg 17
Child: William Shurtleff [2] m Susanna Lothrop
Child: Thomas Shurtleff m Sarah Kimball
Child: Abiel Shurtleff  [3] m Lydia Barnes
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 1-6
Occupation: Carpenter, also called Shirtley, and endless variations.
Directory of the Ancestral Heads of New England Families, Frank R. Holmes, Genealogical Publishing Society, Baltimore, 1984

Extensive notes for William are in the Stevens genealogy. William Shurtleff

William Shurtleff [2] 2nd generation
6th great grandfather AFN 33XQ-WV
b in 1657 in Barnstable, Mass
d 04 Feb 1730 in Plympton, Plymouth, Mass ,aged 42
buried in Cole's Hill, 1st Burial Ground, Plymouth, Mass - see Gravestone Picture
First Captain of the Plympton Military Company
Parents: William Shurtleff & Elizabeth Lettice
Spouse: Susanna Lothrop m 20 Oct 1683 in Barnstable, Mass, aged approx 26
Child: Jabez Shurtleff [4] m Mary Waite
Child: Thomas Shurtleff [5] m Phebe Shaw
Child: William Shurtleff m Mary Atkinson
Child: Susanna Shurtleff [6] m Josiah Cushman
Child: John Shurtleff [7] m Sarah Lucas Carver
Child: Barnabas Shurtleff [8] m Jemima Adams
Child: Ichabod Shurtleff [9] m Hannah Carver
Child: Elizabeth Shurtleff b 05/28/1699, d unm bef 1730
Child: Mary Shurtleff  b 12/22/1700, d unm bef 1730
Child: Sarah Shurtleff [10] m Ignatius Loring
Child: Samuel Shurtleff [11] m Abigail Adams
Child: Abigail Shurtleff [12] m Lazarus Sampson
Child: Nathaniel Shurtleff [13] m Lydia Branch
Child: Daughter (drowned in a well while very young)
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 7-21

William Shurtleff, Reverand
b 04/04/1689
d 05/09/1747 Portsmouth, NH
Parents: William Shurtleff m Susanna Lothrop
Spouse: Mary Atkinson 06/11/1713 Newcastle, NH, dtr of Theodore and Mary
No issue

William Shurtleff [21] 3rd generation
b 09/08/1713 Plymouth, MA
d 12/15/1802 Plympton (Carver), MA
Parents: Abiel Shurtleff m Lydia Barnes
Spouse: Deborah Ransom m 04/02/1734 Plympton
All children born in Plympton:
Child: Lydia Shurtleff b 11/12/1734, d unm 04/15/1819 Carver
Child: Ebenezer Shurtleff [68]
Child: Peter Shurtleff [69]
Child: Sarah Shurtleff [70]
Child: William Shurtleff [71]
Child: Anna Shurtleff [72]
Child: John Shurtleff [73]
Child: Issac Shurtleff b 09/05/1750, killed unm at sea
Child: Robert Shurtleff [74]
Child:  Deborah Shurtleff b 03/01/1755, d unm 06/07/1845 Carver
Child: Priscilla Shurtleff  b 12/01/1757, d unm 02/22/1798 Carver
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 50

William Shurtleff [25] 4th generation
b 11/26/1723 Plympton, MA
d 1793-1797 Bridgewater, MA
Occupation: Basketmaker
Sergeant in Capt Theophilus Curtis's company, Col Samuel Miller's regiment, marched on the alarm of Aug 1, 1757 from Stoughton
Parents: Thomas Shurtleff m Phebe Shaw
Spouse 1: Sarah Kingman m 02/07/1745 Bridgewater, MA
Child: Silence Shurtleff b 07/18/1747, believed to have died in infancy
Child: Sarah Shurtleff m James Tyler
Child: Content Shurtleff  b 12/30/1753, believed to have died in infancy
Child: Silve Shurtleff b 05/17/1755 Stoughton, MA, believed to have died in infancy
Child: William Shurtleff [82]
Child: Amasa Shurtleff [83]
Child: Barnabas Shurtleff b 10/28/1761, believed to have died in infancy
Child: Jonathan Shurtleff b 05/13/1793, believed to have died in infancy
Spouse 2: Rachael who died 1764 to 1781
Spouse 3: Molly Thomas m 11/29/1781 Plympton, Ma, a widow
Spouse 4: Abigail Fuller m 12/16/1790 Plymtpon, MA a widow
After William died, Abigail married Josiah Dunbar 12/29/1797 in Bridgewater, MA
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 53-54

William Shurtleff [33] William Shurtleff 4th generation
b 04/07/1730 Plympton, MA (N.S. has Apr 18)
d 12/25/1801 Chesterfield NH
Parents: John Shurtleff m Sarah Lucas Carver
Spouse: Hannah Cady m 11/1753, Tolland CT
Child: John Shurtleff [114]
Child: Asahel Shurtleff [115]
Child: Susan Shurtleff b 04/19/1759, d unm 10/14/1810 Sharon, VT
Child: Amos Shurtleff  b 1761, d 1768 East Windsor
Child: Hannah Shurtleff b 1763. d 1764 Windsor, aged 1 yr, 8 mos
Child: Hannah [116]
Child: Sarah [117]
Child: Betsey Shurtleff b 07/04/1770 East Windsor, m late in life Eliphalet Wolcott, d aft 1847 no issue
Child: Roswell Shurtleff [118]
In 1750 William went to Tolland to learn a trade of Joseph Kingsbury and in 1757 moved from there to that part of Windsor which is now Eillington and thence in 1787 to Chesterfield. It is said that the twins (William and brother Benoni) bore so close a resemblance that even their nephews could not tell them apart and that they were of a genial nature, as many ancedotes are related of their frequent playful tricks upon neighbors and friends, in exchanging places and transacting business for each other.
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 58

William Shurtleff
b 01/01/1754 Southboro MA
d unknown
Parents: Benoni Shurtleff m Submit Pike
Spouse: unmarried
Served in the Battle of Bunker Hill
Private Capt John Black's Company, Col Jonathan Brewer's regiment 04/29/1775, service 3 mos 4 days
Private Apt Arron Haynes' Company, Col Asa Whitcomb's regiment, enlisted from Hutchinson (now Barre) 01/01/1776
Private Capt Matthew Fairfield's Company, Col Edward Wigglesworth regiment 11/15/1776 to 12/31/1776. additional service 01/01/1777 to 06/01/1779
Capt Joseph McNall'sCompany, Col Edward Wigglesworth's regiment
Capt Peter Page's Company, Col Calvin Smith's (late Wigglesworth's) regiment
Col John Greaton's third regiment, residence New Rutland, reported as a deserter 06/01/1779, reported for duty 1780.
Private Capt Fowler's Company, Col Smith's regiment 01/01/1780 to 12/31/1780, residence Winchester.
At age 27 was listed as 5 foot five inches, complexion dark, hair dark, eyes blue.
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 59

William Shurtleff [71]  4th generation William Shurtleff m Ruth Shaw
b 04/22/1743 Plympton MA
d  05/15/1790 Middleboro MA
Private Capt William Barron's Company 06/23/1761-12/07/1761
Also in Capt Nathaniel Wood's Company, Col Ebenezer Sprout's regiment 09/06/1778-09/12/1778
Also in Capt Jonah Washburn's Copany, Col Ebenezer White's regiment 08/01/1780-08/09/1780, marched on alarm to RI
Parents: William Shurtleff m Deborah Ransom
Spouse:  Ruth Shaw m 11/16/1769 Middleboro MA
Child: Rhoda [250]
Child: Elkanah [251]
Child: Asenath [252]
Child: Mary Shurtleff [253]
Child: William b 04/03/1777 - no additional information
Child: Caleb [254]
Child: Issac b 10/10/1781 m Ester Hooper 11/28/1805 Plympton
Child: Waitstill b 10/12/1782 m John Mitchell Tessier 05/15/1806
Child: Elizabeth [255]
Child: John [256]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 82-83
Listed as Pvt in DAR Patriot Index

William Shurtleff [82] 5th generation  William Shurtleff
b 11/02/1756 Stoughton MA
d 07/03/1825 Otisfield ME
Enlisted Capt Moses Knapp Company, Col Read's regiment 12/1775 from Duxbury MA
Private Capt James Mean's 7th Company, Col Ebenezer Sprout's 2nd regiment1782 to 10/11/1783
Engaged in battles at East Chester, Trenton and Princeton
In 1818 applied for and received pension, listed age as 60, residence as Otisfield, Cumberland Cty, Maine
Private Capt Hancock's 15th division 07/10/1780-12/1780
Described as 5'11, dark complexion at age 23
Parents: William Shurtleff m Sarah Kingman
Spouse 1: Mehitable Thomas m 02/02/1777 Mansfield MA
Children: Barnabas and five others, probably all died young
Spouse 2: Lydia Flagg m 03/1799 Ludlow VT
Child: William [284]
Child: Lydia [285]
Child: Betsy b 01/13/1803, m Capt Jesse Howe 01/01/1843, d 1887 no issue
Child: Polly [286]
Child: Issac [287]
Shurtleff Genealogy pub 1917, Vol 1 pg 89
Listed as Pvt MA WPNS in DAR Patriot Index