Participants in the War of the Roses, and the movie The White Queen


Edward III King of England, son of Edward II, grandson of Edward I
     Edward the Black Prince m Joan of Kent, d/o Edmund of Woodstock m Margaret Wake
      Richard II m Anne of Bohemia
    Lionel of Antwerp 1st Duke of Clarence m Elizabeth de Burgh
      Phillipa married into the Mortimer family
    John of Gaunt m Blanche Plantagenet of Lancaster, d/o Henry Grosmont m Isabella de Beaumont
    Henry IV Bolingbroke 2nd Duke of Lancaster & King of England m Lady Mary be Bohun, d/o  Humphrey de Bohun  & Joan FitzAlan
        Henry V King of England m Catherine of Valois, d/o King of France Charles VI
        Henry VI m Margaret of Anjou d/o King of Naples & Isabella Duchess of Lorraine
          Edward Prince of Wales betrothed to Anne de Neville, killed at Tewkesbury
        John, Duke of Bedford m Anne of Burgundy, regent for Henry VI
    John of Gaunt m Katherine de Roet - Duke of Lancaster, son of King Edward III
      John de Beaufort Earl of Somerset m Lady Margaret de Holand d/o Earl of Kent

John Beaufort Earl of Somerset m Margaret Beauchamp, d/o John Beauchamp

        Margaret Beaufort m Edmund Tudor, s/o Catherine of Valois & Owen Maredydd Tudor. Catherine d/o King Charles VI of France
          Henry Tudor, Henry VII King of England 1457-1509 m Elizabeth of York d/o Edward IV - ends the war
      Lady Joan de Beaufort m  Ralph de Neville, s/o  Sir John de Neville & Maud de Percy
      Cicely de Neville m Richard of York, grandson of King Edward III thru Edmund of Langley
        Edward IV, 4th Duke of York, King of England m Elizabeth Woodville, d/o Richard Woodville & Jacquetta of Luxembourg
          Edward V, King of England, died aged 13
        Richard III, King and Duke of Gloucester m Anne de Neville
        George, Duke of Clarence m Isabella de Neville, d/o Richard de Neville the Kingmaker
        Richard de Neville Count of Salisbury m Alice Montagu, d/o Thomas Montacute & Eleanor Holland

Richard de Neville, Earl of Warwick, Kingmaker m Lady Anne de Beauchamp, d/o Richard Earl of Warwick & Isabel le Despenser

            Isabel de Neville m George, Duke of Clarence, brother of Edward IV, son of Richard Coinsburgh
            Anne de Neville m King Richard III (betrothed only to Edward, Prince of Wales)
  Edmund Langley 1st Duke of York m Isabella de Castilla

Richard of York, Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York m Cicely de Neville - killed at Wakefield

    Thomas of Woodstock Earl of Buckingham 1st Duke of Gloucester m Eleanore de Bohun d/o Humphrey de Bohun  & Joan FitzAlan, killed at Northampton

Kings of England during the War of the Roses
1307 to 1327 Edward II    
1327 1377 Edward III    
1377 1399 Richard II    
1399 1413 Henry IV  
1413 1422 Henry V  
1422 1461 Henry VI  
1462 1471 Henry vs Edward  
1471 1483 Edward IV  
1483 1483 Edward V  
1485 1485 Richard III  
1485 1509 Henry VII Tudor

War of the Roses Timeline

1399   Henry Bolingbroke establishes the House of Lancaster when he usurps cousin King Richard II and crowns himself Henry IV
1400   Epiphany Uprising
1403   Battle of Shrewsbury
1408   Battle of Bramham Moor
1413   Henry V in King of England when his father dies of continuing health difficulties
1415   French campaign in on going 100 year war
1422   Henry IV's son Henry V dies in France of dysentery, his heir Henry VI was an infant, John of Lancaster, Duke of Bedford is regent
    Edward's grandson through Edmund Langley, Richard of York, challenges for the throne, quarrels with Queen Margaret of Anjou
1445   Henry IV marries France's Margaret of Anjou
1452   Henry IV's possibly inherited insanity becomes apparent, Richard of York is named regent. Henry regains his senses Christmas Day 1454.
1455   First Battle of St Albans, May 22 - First major battle 2000 Lancasters vs 7000 Yorks, York victory
    Richard of York and Richard Neville against, Henry VI, Humphrey Stafford Duke of Buckingham, Thomas Courtenay Earl of Devon
    Lancaster casualties include Edmond Beaufort Duke of Somerset, Henry Percy Earl of Northumberland, Lord Thomas Clifford
    Richard of York reaffirms his loyalty to Henry IV, becomes Lieutenant of Ireland, Margaret of Anjou suspects otherwise
1460   Battle of Northampton, July 10 - York victory, 300 Lancastrians killed
    Richard de Neville, Earl of Warwick, ally to Richard of York, captures Henry VI
    Thomas of Woodstock Duke of Buckingham, John Talbot Earl of Shrewsbury, Thomas Percy Lord Egremont & Beaumont were all killed defending Henry
1460   Battle of Wakefield, Dec 30 - 9000 Yorkists vs 18000 Lancastrians, Lancastrian victory
    York army destroyed, Richard of York & his 2nd son Edmund Earl of Rutland, the Kingmaker's father Duke of Salisbury & brother Thomas Neville are killed
    Their heads displayed at Micklegate Bar, the Western gate of York
1461   Second Battle of St Albans 17 Feb - 2000 Lancastrians led by Margaret of Anjou vs 4000 Yorkist led by Richard de Neville - Lancastrian victory
    Lancastrians free Henry but can't take back London, Henry and Margaret flee to Scotland
    John Grey of Groby is killed, his widow is Elizabeth Woodville, the next Queen of England when she marries Edward IV
1461   March 4- Richard of York's eldest son, Edward, Earl of March is proclaimed King Edward IV in London by Warwick
1461   Battle of Towton, Mar 28/29 - 25,000 + Yorkists led by Edward IV vs 30,000 + Lancastrians led by Henry Beaufort, a Yorkist victory, 28,000 + dead
    Edward IV crushes the Yorkist armies, bloodiest battle on English soil
1464   May 1 - Edward IV secretly married Elizabeth Woodville, angering Warwick
1464   Battle of Hexham, May 15 - 3000 Yorkists led by John, Warwick's brother vs unknown Lancastrians led by Henry Beaufort - York victory
    Henry IVescapes to the north, Lancastrian army decimated
    Henry Beaufort cousin to Henry Tudor, Baron Robert Hungerford, Sir Philip Wentworth are captured and executed
1465   Henry VI captured again and held in the Tower of London.
    Edward and Warwick dispute when Edward favors his queen's family, arranges strange marriages
1469   July 12 - Warwick and Edward IV's brother George of Clarence switch loyalties to the Lancastrians
1469   Battle of Edgecote Moor, July 26 - Yorkists led by William of Pembroke vs Lancastrians led by Warwick - Lancastrian victory
1470   Warwick returns to England, Edward IV & brother Charles flee to Burgundy under the protection of his sister Margaret's husband, Charles Duke of Burgundy
1470   Battle of Losecoat Field, Mar 12 - Yorkists led by Edward IV vs Lancastrians led by Robert Welles, York victory. Battlefield East of Leicester
    Warwick and George flee to France, Welles names Warwick and Clarence as the chief provokers before being executed
    Warwick, George of Clarence, Margaret of Anjou and King Louis XI of France create a secret alliance, Warwick's dtr Anne is betrothed to Margaret's son
1470   Oct 30 - Warwick restores Henry IV to the throne
1471   Warwick declares war on Burgundy, Charles of Burgundy finally aids Edward when France joins Warwick against Burgundy
    Edward enters York, George switches sides back to this brothers, Edward takes London and captures Henry IV
1471   Battle of Barnet April 14 - 7,000 -15,000 Yorkists led by Edward IV vs double the Lancastrian army led by Warwick - York victory
    Warwick is killed, George is executed
    Sir William Hastings
1471   Battle of Tewkesbury May - the last Lancastrian heir, Edward, Prince of Wales is executed after battle
    Henry IV is murdered in the Tower of London a few days later
1483   April - Edward IV dies unexpectedly, pneumonia, typhoid and poison are speculated
    Edward's brother Richard of Gloucester regents for young Edward V but becomes Richard III instead
1485   Battle of Bosworth Aug 22- Henry Tudor defeats and kills Richard III, crowned Henry VII, married Edward IV's daughter Elizabeth to end the war

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