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Irish chieftain of Demetia
circa  450
Parents: Corath
Spouse: unknown
Child: Tryffin I

Aedgifu  / Ogive
b 902 Wessex
d aft 951
Parents: Edward I "The Elder" m Elfleda
Spouse: Charles III King of France m aft 919
Child: Louis IV King of France m Gerberga of Saxony
Spouse: Herbert III de Vermandois
15 103 110 113 125 S1

Aelfgifu (Elgiva, Aelfaed, Alfgifu, Alfflaed, Elfreda)
b abt 968 Wessex, England (984?)
d aft 985 (1002?)
Parents: Thorold
Spouse: Ethelred II the Unready m abt 985
Child: Elfgifu m Alfgar III
Additional children listed under Ethelred II
15 35 52 125

b abt 1031 Bernicia, Northumbria, England
Parents: Aldred of Bernicia
Spouse:  Sigurd Earl of Northumberland
Child: Waltheof II Huntington m Judith of Lens
Additional children listed under Sigurd Earl of Northumberland
15 125

Aelfthryth (Ethelwida or Elfleda)
b 877 Wessex, England
d 07 Jun 929
Parents: Alfred the Great m Ealhswith of Gaini
Spouse: Baudouin II
Children listed under Baudouin II
15 35 52 103 107 125 S1

Afranius Syagrius
Gallo-Roman Consul, 381
Circa: 369-382
Parents: Clodoreius
Spouse: unknown
Child: Tonantius Ferreolus
15 125

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