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Agatha of Augsburg, Princess of Hungary
d aft 1066
Parents: Stephen I King of Hungary m Gisela of Bavaria (disputed)
Other Parents: Yaroslav I & Ingrid Olafsdottir
Other Parents: Bruno
LDS parents: Luidorf von Brunswick & Gertrude of Nordgau
Spouse:  Edward Atheling
Children listed under Edward Atheling
15 125

Senegunde von Agda
b abt 1013
Parents: ^William de Agda Vicomte de Agda, Beziers m Ermentrude Agda, both circa 990's
Spouse: Richard I de Milhaud
Child: Richard II de Milhaud m Rixinde of Narbonne

Agnes of Burgundy, House of Ivrea
Princess of Lombard, Duchess of Aquitane, Countess of Anjou
b abt 995, of Bourgogne, France
d 10 Nov 1068 St. Nicolas de Poitiers, France
Burial: St. Nicolas de Poitiers, France
Findagrave 87891070
Parents: Othon Guillaume de Bourgogne m Ermetrude de Roucy
Spouse: William III of Poitou m 1019
Child: Agnes of Aquitaine m Henry III Holy Roman Emperor
Additional children listed under William III of Poitou
Spouse: Geoffrey de Anjou div 1049-1052
15 103 107 109 110 113 125

Agnes, Princess of the Holy Roman Empire
Leader in the Crusade of 1101
b abt 1074, Klosterneuburg, Niederhosterreich, Austria
d 24 Sep 1143 Klosterneuburg, Niederhosterreich, Austria
Parents: Henry IV m Bertha Countess of Maurienne
Spouse: ^Frederick I, Duke of Swabia, m 1089 d 1105
Child: ^Frederick II, m Judith of Barbarvia, their son ^Frederick Barbarossa
Child: Conrad III, king of Germany
Spouse: Leopold III m 1105
Children listed under Leopold III
51 120 121 125

Gilbert de l'Aigle
b c 1060
d 1096
Burial: unknown
Parents: Richer l'Aigle m Judith d'Avranches
Spouse: Juliana du Perche
Child: Marguerite le d'Aigle m Garcia VII Ramirez
15 37 51 107 125

Marguerite de l'Aigle
b 1104 Laige, Spain
d 25 May 1141
Burial: Cathedral of Pamplona, Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
Findagrave 8098828
Parents: Gilbert le d'Aigle m Juliana du Perche
Spouse: Garcia VII Ramirez
Children listed under Garcia VII Ramirez
37 51 125

Engeraulf d'Aisle
b c 1010
d 14 Oct 1066, Battle of Hastings
Burial: unknown
Parents: Fulbert de Beine
Spouse: unknown
Child: Richer l'Aigle m Judith d'Avranches
Child: Gilbert, Viscount of Exemes
103 107 125

Signeur Richer d'Aigle
b c 1045
d 11 Nov 1085, killed
Burial: unknown
Parents: Engeraulf d'Aigle
Spouse: Judith d'Avranches
Child: Gilbert le d'Aigle
103 107 125

Alrek Agnasson
King in Sweden
b abt 466 in Sweden - b 240?
Parents: Agni Dagsson m Skjalf Frostasdottir
Spouse: Dagreid Dagsdottir
Child: Yngvi Alreksson
Child: Alf m Bera
103 123 125

Eirik Agnarsson
King of Westfold
b abt 740 in Vestfold, Norway (680?)
Parents: Agnar Sigtrygsson
Spouse: unknown
Child: Hildi Eiriksdatter m Eysteinn Halfdansson

Fannie Troop Ainsworth 3rd great grandmother
b 18 Dec 1796, Royalton, Windsor, VT
d 12 Aug 1877, Putney, Windham, VT
Buried: Old Burying Ground, Putney, Windsor, VT 
Findagrave 77117061
Parents: Daniel Ainsworth Jr m Olive Sprague
Spouse: Josiah Willard Cushing m 01 May 1817 in Putney, Windsor, VT
Child: Olivia Cushing m Solon Mills Stevens
Additional children listed under Josiah Willard Cushing
S0 S1 S3 C1

Daniel Ainsworth Jr 4G Grandfather
b 1757 Woodstock, Windham, CT
d 04 Oct 1811 Bethel, Windsor, CT (same days as wife, 36 years earlier)
buried Fairview Cemetery, Bethel, Windsor, Vermont
Findagrave 81870777
Parents: Daniel Ainsworth m Sarah Bugbee
Spouse: Olive Sprague
Child: Fannie Troop Ainsworth m Josiah Willard Cushing
S0  63

Daniel Ainsworth 5G Grandfather
b 21 Oct 1724 Woodstock, Windham, CT
d 1810 Cherry Valley, Ostego, New York
Parents: Edward Ainsworth II m Joanna Davis
Spouse: Sarah Bugbee m 02 Jan 1746 Woodstock
Child: Daniel Ainsworth Jr m Olive Sprague

Edward Ainsworth I 7G Grandfather
b 1652 Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England
d 05 Mar 1741 Woodstock, Windham, CT
Parents: John Ainsworth m Alice
Spouse: Joanna Hemingway m 11 Jan 1687 Roxbury, MA
Child: Joshua 1688 - 1688
Child: Hannah b 1689
Child: Edward Ainsworth II m Joanna Davis
Child: Elizabeth 1695 - 1758
Child: Joanna 1700 - 1788
Child: Judith b 1702
Child: Dorcas 1706 - 1737
Child: Thomas 1708 - 1794
Child: Mary 1710 - 1740
Child: Smith 1712 - 1758
Child: Nathan 1715 - 1776

Edward Ainsworth II 6G Grandfather
b 18 Aug 1693 Roxbury, Suffolk, Mass
d 16 Jun 1758 Woodstock, Windham, CT
buried Bungay Cemetery, West Woodstock, Windham, CT
Findagrave 45044789
Parents: Edward Ainsworth I m Joanna Hemingway
Spouse: Joanna Davis m 05 April 1722
Child: Abigail 1723 - 1818
Child: Daniel Ainsworth m Sarah Bugbee
Child: Alice 1728 - 1810
Child: Edward III 1729 - 1806
Child: William 1733 - 1815

Thomas Ainsworth 10G Grandfather
b 1590 Frodham, Lancashire, England
d 1658 Lancashire, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: See notes, line end
Spouse: Jane Rothwell
Child: Jeremy Ainsworth

Jeremy Ainsworth 9G Grandfather
b 1612 Lancashire, England
d England
Parents: Thomas Ainsworth
Spouse: Elizabeth Brownlowe
Spouse: ^ Mary Worburton b 1614
Child: John Ainsworth
Child: Elizabeth b 1634
What child goes with which spouse is questionable

John Ainsworth 8G Grandfather
b 1625 England
d 30 Nov 1680 England
Parents: Jeremy Ainsworth m Mary Worburton b 1614
Spouse: Alice d 1685 m 1650 Willoughby, Lincolnshire
Child: Edward Ainsworth I m Joanna Hemingway

Aircol Lawhir (Longhand)
Irish leader of Demetia and Dyfed
b c 437
res Wales
d c 515
Parents: Tryffin
Spouse: unknown
Child: Gwrthefyr
52 125

Anna Margaret Aires 10G Grandmother
b in 1567 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdon, England
d 30 Jul 1629 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdon, England
Burial: St Peter and St Paul Churchyard, Fenstanton, Cambridgeshire, England
Findagrave 48356647
Parents: unknown, line end
Spouse: Henry Howland m 26 Apr 1600 in St Mary's at Ely, Cambridge, England
Child: John Howland Sr m Elizabeth Tilly
Additional children listed Henry Howland
63 H4 H5

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