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Alan III Duke of Brittany Alan III de Rennes
b abt 997
d 01 Oct 1040, possibly by poison, possibly ordered by WTC's foes
Burial: Abbaye de la Trinité de Fécamp, Normandy, France
Findagrave 84593282
Parents: Geoffrey of Brittany m Hawise of Normandy
Spouse: Bertha of Chartres
Child: Emma of Brittany m Robert de Brus
Child: Hawise de Bretagne m Hoel de Cornuaille V
Child: ^Conan II, Comte de Bretagne, Duke of Brittany 1066 - 1084 Findagrave 120735904
51 52 101 125

Isabel d' Albini
b 1233 Belvoir, Leicestershire, England
d 15 Jun 1301 Newstead, Nottinghamshire, England
Burial: Kirkham Priory, Kirkham, Yorkshire, England
Findagrave 70856343
Parents: William IV Albini
Spouse: Sir Robert de Ros
Children listed under Sir Robert de Ros
37 51 68 117 125

Neil Albini
b abt 970 in Aubigny, Brittany, France
Parent: Neil
Spouse:  unknown
Child: William Albini m Adeliza, daughter of Osule

Ralph de Albini Daubini
b abt 1106 in South Petherton, Somersetshire, England
d Belvoir, Leicestershire, England
Parents:  William de Albini m Cicely Bigod
Spouse: Sybilla de Valoines
Child: Ralph de Aubigne m Mahet Montsorel

Ralph de Albini
b abt 1214 in South Inglby, Lincolnshire, England
d bef 25 Jan 1291/1292
Parents: Ralph de Aubigne m Mahet Montsorel
Spouse: Isabel Mawley
Child: Helias d' Daubeney

William de Albini
b abt 1106 in South Petherton, Somersetshire, England
d Belvoir, Leicestershire, England
Parents: William de Aubiney m Adeliza Grantmesnil
Spouse: Cicely Bigod
Child: Ralph de Albini m Sybilla de Valoines
Child: William III Albini
37 51 125

William III Albini
Magna Carta Surety
b c 1161
d 01 May 1236 Offington, Leicestershire, England
Burial: Newstead Abbey, Newstead, Nottinghamshire
Findagrave 87201823
Parents: William de Albini m Cicely Bigod
Spouse: Maud FitzRichard, daughter of Robert FitzRichard 37
Child: William IV Albini
37 51 125

William IV Albini
Lord of Belvoir, commander in Battle of Lincoln 1217
b c 1192
d 1247
Burial: unknown
Parents: William III Albini
Spouse: Isabel
Child: Isabel d' Albini m Sir Robert de Ros
37 51 68 117 125

William de Albini
b c 1025, Belvoir and Dol
Parents: Nigel de St. Sauveur
Spouse: Adela de Belvoir
Child: Roger d' Aubigny m Adeliza Grantmesnil

William Albini
b c 1000 in Dol, Brittany, France
Parents:  Neil Albini
Spouse:  Adeliza, daughter of Osule
Child: William de Aubiney m Adeliza Grantmesnil

Guigues I Count of Albon
b abt 1018
res Castle of Albon, southeast France
Parents: unknown
Spouse: ^Gotheline
Child: Guigues II Count of Albon

Guigues II Count of Albon
b abt 1042 France
Parents: Guigues I of Albon
Spouse: Ida de Forez
Child: Guigues III Count of Albon m Mathilde de Hauteville

Guigues III Count of Albon
b abt 1068 France
d abt 1198
Parents: Guigues II Count of Albon
Spouse: Mathilde de Hauteville m 1095
Child: Guigues IV Count of Albon
Child: Humbert, Archbishop of Vienne
Child: Garsenda m William III of Forcalquier
Child: Mathilda of Albon m Amadeo de Savoy III
Child: Beatrice m Josserand de Die

Mathilda of Albon
b 1116, Albon, France
d aft Jan 1145
Parents: Guigues III Count of Albon m Mathilde de Hauteville
Spouse: Amadeo de Savoy III
Child:  Humbert III de Savoy m Beatrix de Geneva
Child: Agnes de Savoy m Guillaume I de Geneva

Albereda of Burgundy Buonalbergo
b abt 1033
d aft Jul 1122, Vivien, very old age
Burial: Hauteville family mausoleum in Holy Trinity Abbey, Venosa, Italy
Findagrave 88080199
Parents: Renaud I de Bourgogne m Adelias of Normandy
Other Parents: Girard, lord of Buonalbergo
Spouse: Robert Guiscard
Children listed under Robert Guiscard
103 110 125

Albreda of France
b abt 930
res Lorraine, France and Hainault, Holland, France
d 15 Mar 973
buried Saint Remi Basilica, Reims, France
Findagrave 67316059
Parents: Giselbert Count of Hainault m Gerberga of Saxony
Spouse: Renauld de Roucy m c 945
Children listed under Renauld de Roucy
15 51 125

Aldegarde of Burgundy
b abt 1033
d aft 1120
Burial: Saint-Jean l'Evangéliste de Montierneuf, Poitiers, Departement de la Vienne, Poitou-Charentes, France
Findagrave 91952236
Parents: Robert I the Old
Spouse: William VI of Poitou
Children listed  under William VI of Poitou
15 107 115 125

Aldred of Bernicia  (Ealdred)
b Northumbria, England
d 1038, slain by Thurbrand's son Karl
Parents: Uchtred
Spouse: unknown
Child: AelflaedSigurd Earl of Northumberland
15 110 125

Ela d' Alencon
b 1118/20 France
d 4 Oct 1174, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Burial: Bradenstoke Priory, Wiltshire, England
Findagrave 82479006
Parents:  William II of Ponthieu m Alice of Burgundy
Spouse: William III de Warrenne
Child: Isabel Warren m Hamelin Plantagenet
Spouse: Patrick de Evereaux
Child: William de Evreaux m Eleanor de Vitre
Child: Patrick, died young
Child: Philip, died young
Child:Walter, died young
15 101 107 125

Robert d' Alencon d' Montgomery 27G Grandfather
Robert of Belleme
Earl of Arnel & 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury  
b c 1054
d 08 May 1131, Warham Castle, Dorset, England, died in prison
Parents:  Roger d' Montgomery m Mabel Talvas
Spouse: Agnes of Ponthieu
Child: William II of Ponthieu m Alice of Burgundy
15 51 101 107 125

b abt 1040
d abt 1074
Burial: Dunfermline Abbey, Fife, Scotland
Findagrave 8607679
Parents: Gospatric m sister of Edmund
Spouse: Duncan II
Child: William FitzDuncan m Alice de Rumely
15 107

Alexander II
King of Scotland
b 245 Aug 1198 Haddington, East :Lothian, Scotland
d 06 Jul 1249 Isle of Kerrara, Argyllshire, Scotland
Burial: Melrose Abbey, Roxburghshire, Scotland
Findagrave 8412201
Parents: William I m Ermengarde de Beaumont
Spouse: Joan of North Wales m 18 Jun 1221 York Minster, York, England
Spouse: Marie de Coucy m 15 May 1239 Roxburgh, Scotland
Child: Alexander III, King of Scotlland
15 37 41 51 58 68 125

Alfgar III 26th great grandfather
Earl of Mercia and East Anglia
b abt 1002 Mercia, England
d 1057 Mercia, England
Parents: Leofric III m Godiva
Spouse: Elfgifu
Child: Edwin, Earl of Mercia
Child: Morcar Earl of Northumbria (confusion with Morcar High Reeve in Northumbria ?)
Child: Ealdgyth m Gruffydd Llewelyn
Child: Lucia m Yvon Taylboys (Shurtleff genealogy)
15 107 122 125 S1

Alfonso III The Great
King of Asturias, King of Leon
b abt 848, 866?
d 20 Dec 910 Zamora
Parents: Ordono I
Spouse: Jimena
Child: Garcia King of Leon, no issue
Child: Ordoño II, King of Leon
Child: Fruela, King of Asturias

Alfonso II Raimundez "The Chaste" (Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Provence) 25th Great Grandfather
King of Aragon and Pamplona
b 04 Apr or Mar 1152, Villa Mayer de Valles, Aragon, Spain
d 25 Apr 1196, Perpignan, Pyrennes-Orientales, France
Burial: Poblet Monastery, Poblet, Provincia de Tarragona, Cataluna, Spain
Findagrave 59283434
Parents: Raymond IV Berenger m Petronilla de Aragon
Spouse: Sancha de Castile m 18 Jan 1174
Child: Alfonso Prince of Aragon m Gersinde de Sabran
Child: Pedro II, Peter II of Aragon, Findagrave 88413388
Child: ^Eleanor m Raymond VI of Toulouse m 1202
Child: ^Constança  m1 King Imre of Hungary m2 Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
Child: Dolce, nun
Child: Fernando, Abbot of Montearagon
Child: Ramon Berenguer d 1190s
15 50 103 125

Alfonso V of Leon
King of Leon 999 to 1028
b 994 or 995, Leon, Spain
d 07 Aug 1028, Viseu, Portugal, in battle
Burial: St. Isidore de Leon, Leon, Spain
Findagrave 88346169
Parents: Vermudo II King of Leon m Elvira Garcia
Spouse: Elvira Melendez
Child: Bermudo III 1015 - 1037
Child: Sancha of Leon m Fernando I King of Castile
Spouse: Urraca the Basque Garces of Navarre, daughter of Garcia Sanchez II
Child: Jimena of Leon m Fernando Gundemariz
15 103 110 125

Alfonso VI King of Castile & Leon, aka Alfonso I
King of Leon 1065 - 1109
King of Castile 1072 - 1109
b 1039
d 20 Jun or 01 Jul 1109, Toledo, Spain
Burial: Sahagun Monastery, Sahagun, Leon, Spain
Findagrave 65896805
Parents: Fernando I King of Castile m Sancha of Leon
Betrothed: Agatha Princess of England, nun who died before wedding according to her prayers
Mistress: Ximena Nunia de Guzman (Jimena Munoz?)
Child: ^Elvira of Castile m Raymond St Giles IV
Child: Theresa of Castile m Henry I of Portugal
Spouse: Agnes of Aquitane m 1069 Findagrave 8191277
Spouse: Constance of Burgundy  m May 1080
Child: Urraca of Castile m Raymond de Bourgogne
Spouse: Bertha of Burgundy (no issue) m 1093 d 1099
Spouse: Isabel of France (no issue) m May 1100
Spouse: ^Zaida (Zayda) of Seville, 2 children, daughter-in-law of Al Mutamid, the Muslim King of Seville
Child: Sancho slain in Battle of Ucles in 1108
Spouse: Beatriz de Este m aft 1107, survived him, no issue
Notes (wives differ)
15 50 104 107 109 110 116 125

Alfonso VII de León-Castile  
King of Castile and Leon, Galicia, Toledo, Zaragoza and the Asturias, Emperor of Spain
b 01 Mar 1104/5, Castile, Spain
Crowned Emperor 1135
d 21 Aug 1157, Fresneda, Spain
Burial: Cathedral of Toledo, Santa Maria, Toledo, Spain
Findagrave 88303926
Parents: Raymond de Bourgogne m Urraca of Castile
Spouse: Gontrode de Asturias, Asturian noblewoman (mistress)
Child: Urraca of Castile Findagrave 8060677 m Garcia VII King of Navarre
Spouse: Berengaria of Barcelona m Nov 1128 d 1149
Child: ^Constance of Castile m Louis VII
Child: Ferdinand II m Urraca of Portugal
Child: Sancha of Castile m Sancho VI "the Wise" King of Navarre
Child: Sancho III m Blanche of Navarre
Spouse: Ryska, Princess of Poland m 1152
Child: Sancha de Castile m Alfonso II
15 50 103 104 107 110 113 116 125

Alfonso VIII of Castile
King of Castile
b 11 Nov 1155 Castile, Spain
d 22 Sep 1214 Castile, Spain
Burial: Monastery of Santa Maria, Burgos, Castile, Spain
Findagrave 62553726
Parents: Sancho III m Blanche of Navarre
Spouse: Eleanor of England
Child: Sancho de Castilla Findagrave 62554265
Child: Berengaria de Castilla m Alfonso IX
Child: Urraca de Castilla Findagrave 105699152
Child: Blanche of Castile m Louis VIII
Child: Enrique de Castilla Findagrave 62557398
Child: Fernanado de Castilla Findagrave 62555132
Child: Eleanor de Castilla Findagrave 62556459
Child: Mafalda de Castilla Findagrave 62555766
Child: Constanza de Castilla, nun Santa María la Real at Las Huelgas
Child: Sancia de Castilla Findagrave 62554675
37 41 51 125

Alfonso IX
King of Leon and Galicia
b 15 Aug 1171 Zamora, Spain
d 23/24 Sep 1230 Spain
Burial: Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela
Findagrave 101385377
Parents: Ferdinand II m Urraca of Portugal
Spouse: Theresa of Portugal
Child: Ferdinand
Child: Sancha
Child: Dulce
Spouse: Berengaria de Castilla
Child: Ferdinand III
Child: Alfonso de Molina
Child: Leonor / Eleanor
Child: Berengia of Castille m John de Brienne
Child: Constanza
Mistresses: Many
Child: 15 born out of wedlock
37 41 51 125

Sancha of Castile
Queen of Navarre, House of Burgundy
b 1140 Castile, Spain
d 05 Aug 1179
Burial: unknown
Parents: Alfonso VII m Berengaria of Barcelona
Spouse: Sancho IV Navarre
Children listed under Sancho IV Navarre
37 51 68 117 125

Sancho III of Castile
King of Castile
b c 1134
d 31 Aug 1158 Toledo, Spain
Burial: Cathedral of Toledo, Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Findagrave 65908698
Parents: Alfonso VII m Berengaria of Barcelona
Spouse: Blanche of Navarre m 1151
Child: Alfonso VIII m Eleanor of England
37 51 68 117 125

Alfonso VIII of Castile
King of Castile
b 11 Nov 1155 Castile, Spain
d 22 Sep 1214 Castile, Spain
Burial: Monastery of Santa Maria,, Burgos, Castile, Spain
Findagrave 62553726
Parents: Sancho III m Blanche of Navarre
Spouse: Eleanor of England
Child: Constanza de Castilla
Child: Sancho de Castilla
Child: Berengaria de Castilla
Child: Urraca de Castilla
Child: Blanche of Castile m Louis VIII
Child: Enrigque de Castilla
Child: Fernanado de Castilla
Child: Eleanor de Castilla
Child: Mafalda de Castilla
Child: Constanza de Castilla
Child: Enrique I de Castilla
Child: Sancia de Castilla
37 51 125

Alfonso Alfinsonez "El Casto"
Prince of Aragon, Count of Provence
b 1174
d bef 1 Dec 1209, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
Burial: Eglise Saint-Jean-de-l'Hôpital, Marseille, Departement des Bouches-du-Rhône, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France
Findagrave 130506772
Parents: Alfonso II m Sancha de Castile
Spouse: Gersinde II de Sabran
Child: Raymond Berenger m Beatrice de Savoie
15 50 103 125

Alfred the Great 34th great grandfather
King of England
b 848/9 Wantage, Berkshire, England
Crowned Apr 23 871 at Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
d 28 Oct 899/901 Winchester, Hampshire, England, Crohn's disease?
Burial: Hyde Abbey, Winchester, Hampshire, England
Findagrave 10675258
Parents: Ethelwulf m Osburga
Spouse: Ealhswith of Gaini m 868 in Winchester Findagrave 22390
Child: Ethelfleda m Ethelred Duke of Mercia
Child: Elfreda or Aelfthryth m Baudouin II (her step grand brother)(32)
Child: Edward I "The Elder" m Elfleda & Eadgifu
Child: Elfrida
Child: Ethelgiva Princess of England
Child: Ethelgiva of Shaftesbury Abbess
Child: Ethelward Prince of England (880-0922)
Child: Ethelwerd
15 35 52 103 107 125 S1

Adam de Aldithley
b c 1125
d c 1200 aged 75
Burial: unknown
Parents: ^Lilulph Ide Aldithley d 1130
Spouse: Marbella de Stoneley, daughter of Henry
Child: William de Stanleigh
Child: Adam de Audley
Child: Thomas Stanleigh
Child: Richard Stanleigh
Child: Lucase Audley
Child: Henry Audley
Child: Isabel Audley
37 51 117 121 125

Adam de Aldithley
b 1149
d c 1210
Burial: unknown
Parents: Adam de Aldithley
Spouse: Emma FitzOrm, daughter of Ralf
Child: Miss Audley m Stephen de Peshale
Child: James de Aldithley
Child: William de Aldithley
Child: Lucas de Aldithley
Child: Isabella de Aldithley
Child: Henry de Aldithley m Bertrea Mainwaring
Child: Adam de Aldithley
37 51 117 121 125

Alice de Aldithley
b abt 1224 in Staffordshire, England
d aft 1265
Parents:  Henry de Aldithley m Bertrea Mainwaring
Spouse: Peter de Montford
Child: Peter de Montford m Elizabeth De La Warr

Henry de Aldithley/Audley
b c 1175 Heleigh Castle, Staffordshire, England
d 1246 Mainwaring, Bersted, Sussex, England
Burial: unknown
Parents: Adam de Audley
Spouse: Bertrea Mainwaring m 1249 Egmond, Cheshire, England
Child: James de Audley m Ela Longspee
Child: Alice de Aldithley m Peter de Montford
Child: Henry
Child: Ralph
15 37 51 117 121

Humphrey Aldwin
b abt 1567 in Cork, Ireland
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Anne Broughton m Sir John Borodell

Gyrithe Alfsdatter (Gauthild)
b abt 614, Denmark
Parents: ^Alf Olafsson c 580, Denmark
Spouse: Ivar Halfdansson
Child: Audr Ivarsdottir of Am m Radbard c 638

Adalbert of Alsae
d abt 675
d 05 Dec 0741, France
Parents:  Eticho I of Alsae m Berswinde from Austrasia, France
Spouse: ^Gerlinde c 650
Child: Lutfrid I of Alsae m Edith c 650

Alice of Burgundy Helie
b  Nov 1080
d 28 Feb 1141 Abbey de Perseigne
Parents: Eudes I Borel m Maud de Bourgogne
Spouse: Bertrand of Toulouse
Spouse: William II of Ponthieu
Children listed under William II of Ponthieu
15 101 103 104 125

Alice of Normandy (Alix)
circa 1000
Parents:  Richard III
Spouse: Ranulf
Child: listed under Ranulf

Hannah Rundel Allen
b 12 Sep 1796 Dover, Dutchess, New York
d 14 Apr 1842 Dutchess Co, New York
Parents: unknown
Spouse: John Southworth
Child: Hannah Southworth m Henry Case
Additional children listed under John Southworth

Almaric I, King of Jerusalem 1163-1174
b c 1136
d 11 Jul 1174
Burial: Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel
Findagrave 42392323
Parents: Foulques V of Anjou m Melisende
Spouse: Agnes de Courtenay m 1157, divorced 1162
Child: Sibylla de Anjou
Child: Baldwin IV, King of Jerusalem
Spouse: Mary Comnene, daughter of Isaac
Child: Isabella d' Anjou m Queen of Jerusalem, m 4 times
37 41 51 125

Yngvi Alreksson
King in Sweden
b abt 466 in Sweden
b 280, d 300. 20 years old?
killed by brother Alf, buried on the Fyrisvellir
Parents: Alrek Agnasson m Dagreid Dagsdottir
Spouse: unknown
Child: Jorund Yngvason
Child: Eric
103 123 125

b abt 955 Mercia
d 1028
Parents: ^Aethelstan Mannesson c 930
Spouse: Leofwine
Child: Leofric III m Godiva
15 103 125

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