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Eunice de Baalun
b abt 1036
Parents: Lord Drue Balidoon
Spouse:  Roger de Pitres
Child: Walter FitzRoger m Emma de Batedon (sister to Eunice)
106 108 

Nathaniel Bacon
b 1629 Stretton, Rutland, England
d 27 Jan 1706 Middletown, Middlesex, CT
Burial: unknown
Parents: William Bacon m Martha Worcester ? line end
Spouse: Ann Miller m 1653
Child: Thomas Bacon 1659-1706
Child: John Bacon 1661-1732 Findagrave 59237469
Child: Mary 1664-1709
Child: Andrew 1666-1723
Child: Abigail 1670-1690
Child: Lydia 1672-1750
Child: Nathaniel Bacon 1674-1758 Findagrave 9016146
Child: Elizabeth b 1680
Spouse: Elizabeth Pierpont m 17 Apr 1682 Middletown
Child: Beriah Bacon m Ann O'Dell
58 P5

Beriah Bacon
b 17 Aug 1682 Middletown, Middlesex, MA
d 14 May 1730 Middletown, Middlesex, MA
Burial: Originally the old Quarry Yard, moved to Trinity Church Cemetery, Portland, Middlesex, MA
Findagrave 9040409
Parents: Nathaniel Bacon
Spouse: Ann O'Dell m 15 May 1730 CT, dtr of John & Sarah Wheeler
Child: Elizabeth Bacon m James Percival
Child: Beriah Bacon 171-1789 Findagrave 9040415
Child: Pierpont Bacon 1724-1800 Findgrave 7002979
Child: Tabitha Bacon Cooper b 1717
Child: Ann Bacon Lane 1722-1753 Findagrave 24662975
Child: Bethiah Bacon Shepherd 1728-1756 Findagrave 9016753
58 P5

Elizabeth Bacon
b 06 Aug 1714 Barnstable, Barnstable, MA
d 12 Dec 1739 Westchester, New London, CT
Burial: Westchester Cemetery, Westchester, New London, CT
Findagrave 7134494
Parents: Beriah Bacon
Spouse: James Percival
Children listed under James Percival:
58 P5

Bartholomew de Badlesmere 22GGrandfather
1st Lord Badlesmere, Magna Carta Surety descent
b c 1275
res Chilham Castle, Kent, and Badlesmere, Kent, England
d 14 Apr 1322, hanged as a traitor, Canterbury, Kent, England
Burial: Badlesmere Church, Badlesmere, Kent, England
Findagrave 57716474
Parents: Gunceline de Badlesmere
Spouse: Margaret de Clare m bef 30 Jun 1308
Child: Margery de Badlesmere m three times
Child: Maud Badlesmere m John de Vere
Child: Elizabeth Badlesmere m Edmund de Mortimer & William de Bohun
Child: Giles de Badlesmere Findagrave 50071875 m Lady Elizabeth Montagu
Child: Margaret de Badlesmere m John Tiptoft
37 41 51 117 125

Elizabeth de Badlesmere 21GGrandmother
b c 1313
d 08 Jun 1356
Burial: Black Friars, London
Findagrave 48882849
Parents: Bartholomew de Badlesmere m Margaret de Clare
Spouse: Edmund de Mortimer
Child: Roger de Mortimer Findagrave 57619672
Spouse: William de Bohun
Child: Humphrey de Bohun m Joan FitzAlan
Child: Elizabeth de Bohun m Richard FitzAlan
37 41 51 117 125

Gunceline de Badlesmere 23G Grandfather
Justice of Chester
b 1244
res Badlesmere, Kent, England
d 1301 Chillham, Kent, England
Burial: Badlesmere Church, Badlesmere, Kent, England
Findagrave 75801363
Parents: unknown, line end (see notes)
Spouse: Joan FitzBernard, dtr of Ralph
Child: Bartholomew de Badlesmere m Margaret de Clare
Child: Maud Badlesmere m Sir Robert de Burghersh
Child: Joan Badlesmere Findagrave 75632157 m Sir John de Northwode Findagrave 75632464
37 51 117 125

Maud de Badlesmere 22G Grandmother
b unk
d 02 Jan 1305 to 1345
Burial: unknown
Parents: Guncelin de Badlesmere
Spouse: Sir Robert de Burghersh
Children listed under Sir Robert de Burghersh
37 117 125

Maud Badlesmere 20G Grandmother
Countess of Oxford
b 1310 Castle Badlesmere, Kent, England
d 24 May 1366
Findagrave 85002752
Burial: Colne Priory, Earls Colne, Essex, England
Parents: Bartholomew de Badlesmere m Margaret de Clare
Spouse: John de Vere
Children listed under John de Vere
37 41 117 125

Margery Badlesmere
b c 1306
d 18 Dec 1363
Burial: unknown
Parents: Bartholomew de Badlesmere m Margaret de Clare
Spouse: William de Ros
Children listed under William de Ros m bef 1316
Spouse: Sir Thomas de Arundel m 1351
Spouse: Sir John Avenel m 1355
37 51 68 117 125

Isabel Baggalegh 19G Grandmother
b bef 1325 Cheadle, Cheshire, England
d 1364
Burial: unknown
Parents: William Baggalegh m Clemence Cheadle
Spouse: Thomas Danyers
Children listed under Thomas Danyers
37 58

Robert Baggalegh 21G Grandfather
b 1280 Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: Ralph Baguley m Alice de Massey
Spouse: unknown
Child: William Baggalegh m Clemence Cheadle

William Baggalegh 20G Grandfather
b abt 1305 Cheadle, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: Robert Baggalegh
Spouse: Clemence Cheadle
Child: Isabel Baggalegh m Thomas Danyers

John Baguley 23G Grandfather
b 1172 Baguley, Bucklow, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Helen
Child: Richard Baguley m Alice Vernon

Ralph Baguley 22G Grandfather
b 1230 Baguley, Bucklow, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: Richard Baguley m Alice Vernon
Spouse: Alice de Massey
Child: Robert Baggalegh

Richard Baguley 23G Grandfather
b 1196 Baguley, Bucklow, Cheshire, England
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: John Baguley
Spouse: Alice Vernon
Child: Ralph Baguley m Alice de Massey

Abigale Baker  
b 10 Oct 1806 in New York or Holland
d 24 Nov 1870 in Cascade Twp, Kent, Michigan
buried in Whitneyville Cemetery, Kent County, Michigan
Findagrave 32714581
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Baptiste Le Clear m abt 1830
Child: Levi Le Clear m Rebecka Chaney

Martha Baker
b about 1777 in PA
d about 1836/8 in Michigan
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Joseph LeClear m abt 1803
Child: Baptiste Le Clear m Abigale Baker

Lord Drue Balidoon
Parents: unknown
Spouse:  unknown
Child: Eunice de Baalun m Roger de Pitres
Child: Emma de Batedon m Walter FitzRoger
106 108 

Baldwin II of Hainault, Count of Hainault
b 1056
d aft 08 Jun 1098, Holy Land, disappeared during seige in Anatolia
Parents: Baldwin VI m Richilde von Egisheim
Spouse: Ida of Louvain
Child: Ida Hainhault m Thomas de Coucy
Child: ^Richilde of Hainaut m Amaury III de Montfort
Child: Baldwin III m Adelaide (Yolande) of Gueldres, son ^Baldwin IV m Alix de Namur, daughter Ida Hainault  m Roger III de Toeni
Child: Arnulph de Hainault m Beatrice de Roeux
Child: Alic de Hainault m Nicholas II de Rumigy
15 103 108 109 110 125 126

Baldwin IV "The Leper"
King of Jerusalem 1174-1185
b c 1161
crowned at the age of 13
d 16 Mar 1185 Jerusalem
Burial: Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel
Findagrave 10933359
Parents: Amalric I m Agnes de Courtenay
Spouse: none
Child: none
37 51 125

Baldwin VI of Hainhault, de Mons of Flanders, Count of Flanders
b 1030
d 10 or 17 July 1070
Parents: Baudouin V m Adele of France
Spouse: Richilde von Egisheim (Hainault daughter in law)
Child: Arnulf III, killed 1071 at the Battle of Cassel
Child: Baldwin II m Ida of Louvain
Child: Agnes of Flanders
Child: Gilbert de Gaunt m Alice de Mountfort ???
15 103 108 109 110 125

Ellen Balliol
b c 1250
d bef 22 Nov 1281
Burial: Sawley Abbey, Yorkshire, England
Findagrave 84338081
Parents: Ingram Balliol
Spouse: William de Percy
Children listed under William de Percy
37 117 125

Ingram Balliol
b c 1225
d unknown
Burial: unknown
Parents: unknown
Spouse: unknown
Child: Ellen Balliol m William de Percy
37 117 125

Athelaise de Balts
b abt 1040, of Rycott, Oxfordshire, England
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Geoffrey de Mandeville
Children listed under Geoffrey de Mandeville
Had brother, Turstain Haldub
101 125

Richilde de Barcelona
d 962
Parents: Wilfred II Borrel m& Gersende de Toulouse
Spouse: Odo de Narbonne
Child: Matfred de Narbonne m Adelheid de Toulouse

Sybille de Barcelona
b abt 1035
d 27 Jan 1066-1074
Parents: Ramon I Berenger m Guisla de Lluca
Spouse: Henri de Bourgogne
Child: Eudes I Borel m Maud de Bourgogne & Matilda de Bourgogne
15 101 103 104 125

Toda of Barcelona (Adele)
circa 900's
Parents: William I of Provence m Blanche of Anjou
Spouse: Bernard I de Besalu
Child: Gersenda de Besalu m Berenger de Narbonne

Adele de Bar-sur-Aube 
b Vitry, Pas-de-Calais, France
d 1053
Parents:  Nocher III
Spouse: Raoul III ,Count Valois
Child: Adela de Vexin m Heribert IV de Vermandois
103 110

Nocher I, Count of Bar-sur-Aube
d abt 1003
Parents:  Archard de la Ferte-Dur-Aube m Acharda
Spouse: Adelaide of Soissons
Child:  Nocher II m Aelia of Soisson (half brother and sister)
103 110

Nocher II, Count of Bar-sur-Aube, Count of Soisson
d aft 1019
Parents:  Nocher I m Adelaide of Soissons
Spouse: Aelia of Soisson (half sister)
Child: Nocher III
103 110

Nocher III, Count of Bar-sur-Aube
d abt 1040
Parents:  Nocher II m Aelia of Soisson (half brother and sister)
Spouse: unknown
Child: Adele de Bar-sur-Aube m Raoul III ,Count Valois
103 110

Basil I Emperor of Byzantium Empire
Founded Macedonian Dynasty
b 867, Macedonia
d 29 Aug 0886
Parents: Armenian peasants?
Spouse 1: Maria
Child: Symbatios, renamed Constantine
Child: Anastasia m general Christopher
Spouse 2: Eudocia Ingerina
Child: Leo VI, Emperor of Byzantium m Zoe Tzautzina
Child: Stephen b Nov 867 d 893, no issue
Child: Alexander b 870 d 913
15 50 125

Margaret Basset
b unknown
d 17 Mar 1337
Burial: unknown
Parents: Ralph Basset
Spouse: Edmund de Stafford
Children listed under Edmund de Stafford
Spouse: Thomas Pipe m aft 1372
15 37 51 117 125

Sir Ralph Basset
b unknown
d 04 Aug 1265
Burial: unknown
Parents: Ralph Basset (see Notes)
Spouse: Margaret de Somery
Child: Ralph Basset
37 51 117 125

Ralph Basset
1st Lord Basset of Drayton, 23 Jun 1295
b bef 1265
d 31 Dec 1299
Burial: unknown
Parents: Sir Ralph Basset m Margaret de Somery
Spouse: Hawise
Child: Margaret Bassett m Edmund de Stafford
Child: ^Sir Ralph Bassett m Joan de Grey
15 37 51 117

Ruth Bassett 8 GGrandmother
b 13 Nov 1632 Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA
d 26 Mar 1696 Marshfield, Plymouth, MA
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 50058112
Parents: William Basset m Elizabeth Tilden Abigail 1635 or Fortune 1621
Spouse: John Sprague
Child: Lt John Sprague m Lydia Goffee
Child: Benjamin

William Basset 9 GGrandfather
b c 1600 St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney, Middlesex, England
on the 1621 Fortune with wife Elizabeth
d 1667 Bridgewater, Plymouth, MA (see notes)
Burial: unknown
Findagrave 17096990
Parents: possibly William and Cecelia Lght, unknown, line end
Spouse: Mary Butler, bethrothal only, Leiden
Spouse: Margaret Oldham m 13 Aug 1611
Spouse: Elizabeth m bef 1621 Findagrave 34839526
Child: William Basset
Child: Elizabeth Basset
Child: Sarah m Peregrine WhiteFindagrave 31419923
Child: Nathaniel Basset
Child: Joseph Basset
Child: Ruth Bassett m John Sprague
Spouse: Mary Tilden Lapham Findagrave 59677541
36 63 125

Anslac / Aslac de Bastembourg
circa 900's
Parents: ^Brico, son of half brother of Rollo Hrolleger
Spouse: unknown
Child: Ertemberge de Bricanbert m Torf de Tourville
51 103 116

Thursdale Bastenberg
b abt 936, Flanders, France ( d aft 1023)
Parents: unknown
Child: Hugh de Mountfort

William de Bastinbourg, Count Hainault
d 1001
Parents: ^Amaury, Count of Hainault m Countess of Cambray
Spouse: ^Albreda de Esperon, Heiress of Montfort
Child:  Amauri de Montfort & Bertrarde du Gommets
103 105

Emma de Batedon 
Parents: Lord Drue Balidoon
Spouse: Walter FitzRoger
Child: Miles FitzWalter m Sybil de Neufmarche
15 106 108 

Baudouin I, Baldwin Iron Arm "Bras de Fer"
Count of Flanders and/or Ghent
b abt 837 Flanders, France
d 879, Arras ?
Burial: Abbey Of Saint Bertin, Saint Omer, Calais, France
Findagrave 61434593
Parents: Odoacre
Spouse: Judith of France eloped 860
Child: Baudouin II m Aelfthryth
Child: Widnille m Wilfrid I de Besalu
15 35 50 51 52 103 104 125 S1

Baudouin II "The Bald" Baldwin II
Count of Flanders
b abt 863, Flanders, France
d 10 Sep 918 Blandimberg
burial Abbaye de Saint Pierre-du-Mont, Flanders, Belgium
Findagrave 132292734
Parents: Baudouin I & Judith of France
Spouse: Aelfthryth m 884
Child: Arnoul I m Adelaide de Vermandois
Child: ^Adalulf, first count of Boulogne, line to Baldwin II Count of Boulogne?
Child: Jean de Conteville
15 35 51 103 104 125 S1

Baudouin III
Count of Flanders
b abt 933 Flanders, France or 940
d 01 Nov 0962, or 01 Jan 962
Burial: St Peter's Church, Ghent
Findagrave 93562871
Parents: Arnoul I Count of Flanders m Adelaide de Vermandois
Spouse: Mathilda Billung m 961
Spouse: Matilda of Burgundy
Child: Arnold II m Rozela Susanna
Child: Bertha of Flanders m Aimon I de Vienne
15 103 110 115 125 S1

Baudouin IV "Le Barbu"or "Fair Beard"
Count of Flanders
b 967/980 Flanders, France
d 30 May 1036/1039
Parents: Arnold II & Rozela Susanna
Spouse: Adgiva De Luxembourg m abt 1004
Child: Baudouin V m Adele of France
Spouse: Eleanor of Normandy
Child: ^Judith m Tosnig
Spouse: Adelias of Normandy
15 103 110 115 125 S1

Baudouin V (Baldwin)  "The Pious"
Count of Flanders, Regent of France
b abt 1012 Flanders, France
d 01 Sep 1067, Lille, France
Parents: Baudouin IV m Adgiva De Luxembourg
Spouse: Adele of France
Child: Baldwin VI m Richilde von Egisheim
Child: Matilda de Flanders m William the Conqueror
Child: Robert I of Flanders m Gertrude of Saxony
Child: Henry of Flanders
15 103 110 115 125 S1

Sire Lancelin de Baugenci d abt 1055
Parents: ^Landri Sore Sire de Beaugency c 1000
Spouse: Haberge (Alberge) c 1000
Child: Hildegarde de Baugency m Fulk IV of Anjou
Child: Jean de Beaugency m Paula du Maine
15 103 106

Hildegarde de Baugency  
d bef 1070
Parents: Sire Lancelin de Baugenci
Spouse: Fulk IV of Anjou
Children listed under Fulk IV of Anjou
15 110 125

Albreda de Bayeau
circa 1000
Parents: unknown
Spouse: Osborn de Crepon
Child: William FitzOsbern m Adelisa de Toeni
51 117

Berengeve de Bayeaux
circa 1000's
Parents:  ^Ranulf, Viscount of Bayeaux m Alice of Normandy
Spouse: Roger Bigod
Child: Matilda Bigod m William d' Aubigney

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